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Let there be tears!

I'm ready to cry tears of joy as I got a ticket to see them in March in New Zealand!
My partner is paying for a REALLY nice hotel to stay at for one night! It'll be the first hotel I've been to with a bath! (Ignore how sad that sounds)
Only issue is, I'm meant to testify in court that week...So I'll have many tears, some good, some bad but too much excitement to care I have to go to this!

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As long as they're happy.

As they title says, 'As long as they're happy'
As long as they are happy we should be to. In the end it's their choice why the band broke up. So we should be happy for them.
If you are a true fan you should not hate. Yes we are all sad but there is nothing we can do.

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MCR has no hope, but more is yet to come.

As everyone knows, the beloved My Chemical Romance has ended.
But they must have a good reason. There are many rumors you will run across.
1. That this is just a stunt so they can be more desecrate about the release or their 5th album.
2. They had an argument with there record company and because they have the rights to the name they decided to dispatch the group. They may also make more music under a different name.

There are other rumors out there but these are the two I know. It's hard to tell because they are being so desecrate.

Keep in touch.

~Keep Running~
Gothic Wolf

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Gross I hate taking the bus now!!!
I just got on the bus and a 31 year old man (who waits at my bus stop in the morning with me and talks to everyone) he comes and sits next to me.
He talked for a bit (I wasn't really listening) until he started to talk about us dating. I first I thought I heard wrong, but no I didn't.
It's just wrong seeing as I'm 16

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The story of the skies

“Is the machine ready?”
“It will be soon, don’t worry,” The man replied.
“And soon it’ll be ours.” The other man stared to the sky with determination.
“It’ll start a war!” A small girl protested. She had long red hair which was covered in dirt like the rest of her. She was chained to one of the two men. Treated like a monster at the age of thirteen.
“Let the soldiers deal with that.” The man tugged on her chains as punishment for speaking out of turn.
“But they have families and lives to run,” Her croak voice tried to protest more.
“Ours don’t.” He sneered at the red headed child.
The other

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Linkin Park Concert!!!!!!!!!!

OMG In a few more hours I'll be rocking out to Linkin Park!!!!
Thet've come to NZ!!!!

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LOL my horse of a teacher

LOL My Digital Art Disign Teacher is a stupid horse.
I tied my hair up at school today and my "Smart" teacher (who I've had for 2 years now) came up to me and said "what's your name?" I gave him a death glare. Then 10 later he reconized me -_-
I got away with cool him a stupid old man

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I love this!

I've seen this 3 times

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Is it true, about Mikey?

I've only heard rumors and can't find any details about Mikey. So I want to know is it true? What happened? And who was it with?
Can anyone help me understand? It would be much appreciated.

Keep Running
~Gothic Wolf~

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How my 2 main charcters meet

“Rough 16th birthday?” A male’s voice asked.
I looked around the room but couldn’t see who the voice belonged to. I went to the window in hopes I could see the mysterious man. When I looked outside I saw a boy sitting on a nearby tree. When he saw me look his way he waved at me. He was pale with smooth, black hair, just above shoulder length. He wore all black and hid well in the shadows of the trees.
“I’m speaking in your head stupid. Anyway my names Victor Black and don’t worry I know all about you, Alice Barker,” even from the distance I could see him smiling.
You knowing me more then not