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sorry i don't post anymore. i moved schools and i broke up with my girlfriend because she cheated.. well that was almost 4 months ago now. but i have a boyfriend! his name is Axel and he means so much to me! only problem is that i keep getting distant due to major trust issues. but at least he understands, i feel like i can actually trust him. even if it's hard. my mom and i aren't getting along as well as we used to, but we get through it. i found out i'm not a girl. I'm trans and my mom and brother (only family i told) understand and i can get testosterone when im 18! honestly can't wait!


okay so my friend messaged me saying that the pinned post on here was deleted, the one about mcr never coming back (sorry) and i need to know if its true, cause if it is i'm gonna end up dying

send help

I have to do a presentation in literacy on friday, and I'm so scared, please end my life

I'm done with people

so because I did that Ryan Ross makeup thing, I'm getting made fun of, people are asking me things like "where are your eyebrows" and shit like that and it's so stupid, like just mind your own business, and now I feel like I have to take it off because of them it's fucking stupid (I'm sorry for swearing, I'm just really mad right now)


My partner for science is being weird now because I'm dating a girl, like I didn't do anything wrong bih stop it, and he was about to cut my hair..... I'm scared...

I have so many regrets

I decided to do Ryan Ross's blue makeup thing and I wore it to school and now I wish I didn't lmao, I don't really know what to do help, I can't leave class to take it off!! DX

Panic! (I know this isn't relevant to the website)

Panic!'s new song High Hopes just came out and it's totally a bussy bop