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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Happy birthday to one of the greatest albums of the 2000s, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I am sure that almost everyone could relate to this album. You lose someone you love, and you feel lost. This album has inspired me and others that when you go through tough times, there is always a way around. Even if it means doing crazy shit. The band members (Mostly Gerard) have inspired us through that fact as well. Gerard was suffering, and when it seemed hope was gone, he got clean. This is a very powerful album, with encourage to never give up, even when hope is all lost. I love this album.

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Responding to steakthevampires' post

That is the same exact point i was trying to make. The riots are causing MORE problems, but people are too blind to see that. Protests do help, as long as they are peaceful. Stay safe everyone

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Bored in the house and Im in the house bored

Bored in the house and Im in the house bored Bored in the house and Im in the house bored Bored in the house and Im in the house bored Bored in the house and Im in the house bored Bored in the house and Im in the house bored Bored in the house and Im in the house bored Bored in the house and Im in the house bored Bored in the house and Im in the house bored.

im super bored. anyone else?

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I figured it out. about us emos

Emo is dead. we are a new fad mixed with punk and emo. we all gone through some shit like emos but we are strong and still have a bit of happiness like punks. I personally am a mutt. I am part emo, punk, metal head, Gothic, alternative rock, glam rock, classic rock, everything you can imagine in the rock section. so in other words, I am a rocker. we should never label ourselves as one label in that list because there is no such thing as someone with only one label. just like an "honest" person. everyone lies. there no such thing as someone who is always honest no matter what.

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My stance on the riots (also i'm back from the dead)

I understand completely. this is really messed up that police brutality is a thing. I personally believe that peaceful protests are completely necessary, just not riots. I think it is messed up that people are burning cars, looting buildings, and causing chaos. The whole reason why protests exist is to cause peace and show others that these things aren't right. these riots are doing the complete opposite. Please stay safe, keep a bat with you in case someone tries looting your house. Also heyo good to be back! xoxoxoxoz
-Fang <3
love you all

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Martha was ugly like a shaven baboon,
So she wrapped herself up in a curtain cocoon.
After a week she finally emerged
She smelled like s***
What a psycho!

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Why am i making a whole blog to correct my mistake?

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My boyfriend (ood news!!!)

So.. Remember gavin? The one that i thought was ignoring me bc he didn't love me? He wasn't ignoring me! He finally answered me and i never felt so happy and relieved in my life. He still calls me baby, and he says he loves me. Whenever i text him, he replies right back. Im so happy guys... I am finally out of the loop of not knowing if im single! What a relief. I really love him with ALL my heart and soul... and no matter what, he is ALWAYS in the back of my mind. I never felt so much in love with someone in my life.

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Thank you to those who tried helping me in my situation. Also, could you guys check out my posts on the vampires of vengeance? I need suggestions for the rest of the story. Any suggestions?

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My dad doesn't understand me. He thinks this band is destroying me, when it actually helped me find interest in new things. I would be stuck in pop and rap music, never find true interest in art, never share my voice with anyone, and hide in my little shell thinking nobody is just like me if it weren't for this band. He wonders why i never go to his shop with him, and he doesn't understand that i do want to work, but just not the way he wants me to. He wants me to be some kind of mechanic or racer.. But i don't want to do that. I wanna be a musician.. A guitarist... A singer.