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yeah i spent too much time on this site cus im bored out of my mind so im gonna take a day to see if i can actually focus on something productive. see ya
stay alive and stay street- just not on the street cus u gotta stay at home. <3

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anyways so I was walking around my moms place and WOW there are a lot of cool things i didnt notice. like there is a river in someones back yard and then a power plant like only 3 blocks away from here And there are soo many beautiful houses. im kinda obsessed with architecture. its so beautiful and different. if I can ever get this dammmed printer to work i want to take pics of houses, print them black and white, then draw over them with markers or something. i had to vacuum out a printer today. but I got some cleaning done. I had a big migraine and it like messed with my vision.

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rad- small continuation

half empty box of cigarettes in the glove box. score. you only take one. hell knows anyone else who comes out here needs em

im bored as heck, anyone got something I can wright about? im watching scooby doo with my little siblings. there should be a little mystery gang in the zones. not that there would be many mysterys to solve. - howdy to all you new killjoys maybe you could pay a visit to my little bit of the end of the world. tell me what you find- stay alive

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glove box

Aaaaanother story
A photograph in the glove box. The horizons outside some broken down building. Light purple paint pealing off of red bricks. A tall redhead in the back squints in the sun. freckles sting out from under the dirt on his cheeks. in his arms is a woman in a red dress, flowers in her tightly frizzed black hair. Everyone else looks at the camera when they smile softly at each other.
In the front is a kid who looks no more than twelve years old. He wears a brown jean jacket and a backwards white baseball hat ,short dirty blond hair stabs from around his ears.

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scapegrace- killjoy story

-An old car at the end of some endless desert. Scapegrace: a name scratched into a dictionary, Webster handy college edition from 2003. Its small but thick. there are drawings between the margins and underlined words. pages stuffed with worn scraps of paper, journal entries. One falls out and you read-
Hey loudmouths this is my story. I pulled myself out here to the zones when I was too young to care. Some older kids at the orphan school had a fondness for me. Gave me a choice to head out with them to destroy shitbags. I didnt get why. I was like 7years old and had a mind for destruction.

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decedent - kinda sad

He stands in his house alone. falls to the freezer sweeting bullets. pours his death into a tall glass and fills all the space between his teeth. he has no tongue, no throught. he trips into a shower that sticks to his ugly and burns his eyes. he scrapes off his arms trying to get to wahtever inside had taken his bones. being the water. he doesnt remember the fall. Aron Hazenz- deceased.

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accc + kind of a poem

there are too many feelings and I would scribble them out. if I didnt have the self control. blast this house. destroy the mold. rid the world of all the memories I hold. but im not the only one home. and I wait for the day. ill be free to explode.
damn. but im convinced all this gold is indistructable. or I would have killed it long ago. I try to speed it up but shit never goes. how I want it just deny my fits cause your full of it. id screem if it werent for all these kids. listening and breaking my head. cave in. falls the sword. laugh like you never would if i did.

aaaa this is so wierd.

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my cat had kittens and they are really attracted to my pirate boots. like I sid down and they all attack my shoes. im trying to apply for jobs but they keep climbing up my legs and walking on my computer then attacking me more. they are so cute. I have 6 cats in my house right now.
I hope you guys are doing ok. I dont know whats happening with the bois- my sibling said frank iero posted something on instagram. stay alive

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im doing the crying thing and nothing i s O k

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I have a bug banner of paper that I hung in my room and i want to draw stuff on it but im kinda lacking insperation. any ideas?
happy 22nd hope you all feel good - im kinda in between productive and laying on my bed and crying. im listening to Mcr and trying not to pay attention to anything outside of my room. mabey ill get some homework done later.
really feeling this is the best day ever but in the way that I cant stand another day in this gerard forsaken place.
im wearing makeup
if love is blind cross out my eyes
thats it meine enklekinder- stay alive and stay hopefull