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How Is Everyone?

It's been some time since I've last logged in and posted. I would like to hear how the MCR Community is handling this viral pandemic. I hope everyone is healthy and doing well, stay strong fellow KILLJOYS #CarryOn

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One or Two?

So just a few days ago I started dating again. I need help making a decision. There are these two girls and we decided for a three way relationship. I like them very much but I don't know if it's right to be with both of them. Am I making a good choice or is it a mistake. I HAVE ALMOST NO DATING EXPERIENCE. I come here for help because I trust the MCR Community very much

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ATL + MCR !?!?

It took me a long while but I finally found out ATL (All Time Low) did a cover of MCR on they're, to what I believe is they're most common song, I'm Not Okay (I Promise). It's so nice to hear a band supporting MCR as they return.

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Pain Sucks HELL!!!!!

As I'm writing this I'm f*****g struggling, busted my wrist in PE. The worst thing is we have jump ropes today and that is such a pain to do.

I hate I can't skip out because I only sprained it.

Thank God I have my music still, I would probably go insane without it.

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Any suggestions????

With Thanksgiving break being boring at some point, do any of u guys have songs I should listen to? I'm an every- type kind of person so it doesn't matter what genre of music it is. Please give me the artist name along with the name of the song.

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Just found out!!

So, I'm only a teenager and found out about four years ago. When I read they broke up in 2013 I was sad to know I would never be able to experience them LIVE. But now this is like a dream come true, I can let my "EMO" side out. I've always loved these guys and even with Gerard and the rest separated, I still listened to the albums and singles. I also listened to all of Gerard's Music as a solo artist. It just brings a tear to my eye to hear their back on tour once more!!! :') #MyChemicalRomance