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Hi, How's it going?

18. Listening to: Thank you, Pain -The Agonist
Eating: nothing at the moment...
Doing: watching Regular Show, episode: trash boat, I know the voice actor for Jeremy and Brad ^^

no special again, sorry! I have to defend someone at a store xD

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hey, this will be short, I have confirmation class in a few :/ merrr.

17. Listening to: We R Who We R -Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (Ke$ha cover)
eating: ramen ^^
doing: this getting my stuff ready :/

no special today, so I have to go now, uh bye! sorry this was terrible

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16, its cold, I had acting today and girl named ___ was annoying me.... her attitude today was just blehh like the hell? be glad you're here and not wasting away my good geezway. Listening to punk goes pop albums playlist on spotify....

16. Listening to: Some nights -Like Moths To Flames (cover of Fun.)
eating: nothing, considering getting pizza in a few :/
doing: watching doctor who, on tumblr and waiting for supernatural to come out at 9 :D

*Special: asdfghjkl I think I'll just google random things now ...

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day 15! woo, the 15th day of every month is special :D

15. Listening to: Don't speak -No Doubt
eating: Tostino's pizza rolls xD
Doing: watching anime, doing biology and math homework

*special: Happy birthday Alsh, I didn't get the sonic screwdriver... sorry, and yeah I wasn't actually sure if it was you're birthday until Ms. Lor said it during 4th period.

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Hi, whoo long day, couldn't wait to get home :D

14. Listening to: Toxic -A Static Lullaby (B.Spears cover) any Phans out here will understand :D
Eating: Chow mein, orange chicken, coke
Doing: Watching Inuyasha, doing my homework

*Special: Happy birthday Chandell! I wish today was as awesome as the time we gave you a surprise party! :)

I'm all smiles today, I may be sick....

I dont have a quote today, so I'm sorry v.v

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Day 13, found frank's website :D

13.Listening to: Day and Night -Billie Piper (Doctor who's Rose Tyler)
Eating:Water... and chocolates :D
Doing:Nothing, cleaning room, stuff

*Special: Happy birthday Karla! I hope you still like my writing, its changed a lot since last semester, I miss your red hair :( but you look nice with it black :D Love you, see you in advisory tomorrow

*Go to:
its Frank's website, yay

"I think I'm afraid to be happy because whenever i get too happy something bad always happens" -Charlie Brown

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Day 12, found out that 1D is making a movie ._. Don't understand why, why? Explanations please? I just don't...

12: Listening to: Flux and Flow -LIGHTS
eating: chile limon chips :D
doing: clothes stuff, then go tumblring, then homework

*No specials today, but as far as I know there will be from tomorrow on.
**So, birthdays! comment yours and I'll make sure to congratulate you on your ___th birthday

Also, uh go check out this website:
It scares me, just think of someone famous real or not, answer its vague questions and wow...

that^ was my quote... sad

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day 11, yay...

11. Listening to: Kiss the ring -My Chemical Romance
Eating: Bugles :D
Doing: watching a show on YouTube :3

*So no special today... sadly. So, birthdays! comment yours and I'll make sure to congratulate you on your ___th birthday

"I think we should send a country some cupcakes. You think some cupcakes would cheer up North Korea? Kill 'em with deliciousness.” -Gerard Way

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day ten, wooo.

10.Listening to: Sail -AWOLNATION
eating: potato wedges
doing: algebra work :/ spanish packet, pe work(weird...)

*Special: So last Saturday, I was informed of a birthday today :) So happy 19th birthday TigerBeam! I hope it was awesome, hope you had fun today, and yeah, happy birthday!

***Also, yeah, birthdays! comment yours and I'll make sure to congratulate you on your ___th birthday


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Day nine... finishing my homework, yeah

9.Listening to: My boots- LIGHTS
eating: Pasta
Doing: homework,watching supernatural

*Special: Happy birthday, to one of the MCRmy members! I just glanced at the page before going to post this, so sorry I didn't get you're name!:( but happy birthday!

*tomorrow will be hard to post day 10, but I will. My goal won't be lost on the tenth day

" " Charles Chaplin