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Fan Wars

Wow i just heard about Shane. Those Justin fans are getting crazy. they need to control themselves. this is getting out of hand.

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What is this????

I told my other friend that people like to talk randomly most of the time in blogs... she told me it wasn't true. Well then WHat is this???? We jst say wats on our minds. That's jst how it is.... everyone finds that out at one piont. This was hers.

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Be yourself

My best friend told me not to be afraid to be yourself, don't give a dam about what other people say or do. They don't decide who you are... that's your job. Does any body else agree?

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Happy Freakin 34th Birthday!

Hope its your best ever!!! every one loves you, even if they dont know it. your the best!!! HAPPY 34TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! best wishes!!!! love you! you save so many lives.

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Happy B-day Gerard!

Happy bday! to my fav hero