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heyyo friends, it seems i have lost my mind in a game of hide and seek.

but no need for pitty cause that point of view clues out the south - the last way i want to see
so all come along an an emotional tour of what my nature may be


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:posts pos:t :runs:

ok ive been a grandma- barely on the interwebs for like a month
AND noW GErard Way is like --hey im ;P alive and doin all the same good shit!--
its too much to keep up with am i missing somethin? what else do i not know? get me to a nunnery

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im moving!!!!!

my mom is moving! I get to help!! i technically still live with me dad but this is a major thing!!! weve been planing to move forever. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa
well thats all i had to say i hope your all doing good or at least have a mental hold over what is happening over your life
eee i sound like such a hippy
anyway stay alive

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i like the test think to show we are human. IF YOu MaKKE EnouGH m1Stakes IthaSS you DO somethIN. CUte

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im ok i promise

look at the one giant onion youtube channel- the kid from the meme is still eating onions for Shrek 5 and its my favorite thinggggg eeeeee

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wow is anyone else vegan why does everything have cow tit juice (milk in it) like chocolate- like i just turned vegan today and its not a big thing because food is food and if i have nutrients im happy. i turned vegan because im old enough to choose what i eat and i dont like chicken and beef is wierd and i listened to murder games by badflower.
so my sibling says that im just being a simp for josh cats but thats only part of this.

raidiohead- inside of my head
green day- letterbomb
RHCP- fight like a brave
badflower- promise me

i dont know what to think anymore. do I have yo think? is anyone else?

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snap funkkkkk

so ive been babysitting my brother for a week. this means i am away from my cat and my sibling and i miss them. i got super bored and made a plan for most of my future tattoos and im gonna get a labret piercing.
i could make friends easily but there is NOBODY i have not been in human contact with someone my age for a fort of a year or some shit. So i will do something to get friends.
ok well thats it how are you?

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someone play with me im the kid in the skull shirt and red hair on 24 carrot in the theater whitch i think is the only place you can see other players
i dont like the new version but yall should play sky diving with me

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unwanted update

me and me sibling found that if you mix band names with really dromatic movies its super funny fanfic names
for example take the fault in our stars
the panic in our disco
the fall in our reverse
the foxy in our shizam
but we could only think of the one movie so
ps yeah i changed mt pf to be over dromatic
also i went to a skate park the other day but i was too afraid to go down the steep parts so i just looked super dumb in front of the other people there but it was fun and i didnt brak my bones
do any of you skate?
i also finnished a being nice to everyone journey on undertale and it took me