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Good morning !

My brother prepare themselves for school and I am going to be home alone again, it seems like it is gonna be a great day, big sun not cloud in the sky and the temperature is not that cold : 5 degree Celsius
Spring is about to show up ! :P

Also, last night I discover yungblud idk if you know him ? I listen one song ( parent )
first I was kinda lost I just don't know what just happen in the clip he is so wild
And after I watch medication
again I just don't know what happen to much to watch !
but god ! half of my nights was pass to watch interview of him and
he have just like too much energy

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I am on my job right now and i Heard something not cool at all

We were talking about trans people and a Random guys just came and Say : those people should just kille themself they are a like diease

I Choke and a look at him, i was terribly Mad
I Think he saw that simple phrase make me super agressive becsuse he just step back and walk away.

Now i have to go back to work


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I am upset now

i was on facebook and I saw someone post who said : My Chemical Romance - Helena ( Trishia Payta Remake )

I clic on the link and said to myself: maybe is gonna be ok you know ?
but the like 10 sec I was like: meeehh is kinda weird but na whatever
and then the worst thing happen
Like what ???!!! ddkwokndfjovnwdvojjsoalsowqdnc

She want to make remake on Helena ? FINE but please RESPECT THE STORIE OF THE SONG !!!!!!!!!
this is song about the death of the grandma and she act like she doesn't care at all, wear

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The best Day

The Sun is shinning oustide
I pass m'y whole Day with my bestfriend i didn't see since 6 month i was kinda miss her

She take me at the restaurant and we eat and talk a lot
I needed that i feel Much better i can almost that i am feeling happier :)

But now she is leaving again for school and i hope i can see her soon


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Stress !

Does anyone know if MCR gonna release something like a new album or a least new song ?

or do nothing ?
That stress me more than is suppose to do. Like there are relating so much video without context so much cryptic thing, It make me believe that he have to be more then just tour

If they can just do a video and they said : sorry we are just touring or we gonna release something just wait
i will feel a lot better

it is just me ?


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Does anyone feel like that when you post your blog?

Like everytime I am trying just to create a blog, this voice inside my mind just say : does anyone care about that ?
And just this simple question doubt me about what I am about to write a tonne of question turn around in my head and make me feel very insecure.
I was about to create a blog and a erase to entire thing, because this little voice said to me : No one care and just read that it seem like all you want it is attention, no one care about your problem just deal with it like everyone.

I know guys when you saying you care and wish I

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Valentin day

I am alone this day again ? YeS !

I just came here for feel you guys that this day is not for lover only, this is the day of love !
Share your love with your closer friends and family, tell them that you love them the way there are, eat the amount of chocolat you want !

And I am gonna to said to you, have a great day, enjoys it and don't let ANNYONE take that from you Everyone deserve to. be love

I love you guys !!! <3 <3
*Give virtual chocolate*

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I need to just to talk
I don't know if I am suppose or allowed to talk of this, but you see I have three brother and one sister
and everything is cool with my brother I cannot wish better but my little sister, we only have one year of difference I am 18 and she is 16 ( almost 17 her birthday is near )

but since she start high school like everything goes wrong, she began have depression, bulimia she want to please to everyone. And I find out only a week ago she start smoking and drinking a lot...
Here depression get worst.

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She is messing whit my head
Crushed my heart
Stab me in the back several time

But I stil trust her like the most dumb person in the world
because I love her and hate her

I hate this
cannot make the difference between the love and hate

she break me, but still help her

What wrong whit me ?
Why I am not able to let her go ?
why I still let her break me in piece ?

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Kid react to MCR

I just watch a video where kids are reacting to MCR and I don't know if I wanna cry or not

Most of the time they are literally making fun of the band and they broke my heart it million piece
I know they never heard of them but please the next time don't say there are bad....please

We all know Mousecat right ?
All the kid was like : SCARY FURRRYYY !!!
Me : * laugning because there are to cute*

And there compare Gerard with Jack skeleton
i was dying XD
He was a cute hardcore panda, a raccoon and now Jack skeleton ?

Kid tssss.....
Jack skeleton wish to be Gerard, Because HE is the savior of