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I am tortured my mind just to find how the message of Gee can be posted ONE DAY EARLIER like how ??

and why posted this now ? The Japan tour is the last one, is it a hidden message ?
again he said MAGICAL
and something about when he come back he see something in new perspective?
They want us to see MCR in the new angle ?
Is that a way to say that MCR gonna change ? or not ?
Or a way to say they are gonna release something big ?

I swear the god if is an another hidden message ..........


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Strange dream

I just woke up and I am feeling strange, you know this feeling when you know something gonna happened but you don't know when ?


I dream about a sort of concert, MCR was just standing but it missing Gee, I was stressing, I guess it was part of the show
And then out the freaking nowhere Gee appear in the very center of the crowd.He. has his red hair, a single spot light, the rest of the room was dark.The crowd was calm nobody was talking. He start to say something but I can remember correctly, I think he said something like : Keep going is not ta late.
And he freaking disappear with

Broken_Star's picture ...... CRAZYYY

I try to type and

my page become black and suddenly number just show ans flash

11 03 1324

that even suppose to mean something ? I am freaking out !!!!!!

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What it is Going on??!!!


That does mean it is a sort of part 2 of Danger Day? or something like that ???


I don't understand a freaking thiiiiinnnnnnggg

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rearrange some stuff again

I done I great thing today

nothing big,

since I complain that I have no money I decide do rearrange some stuff

I take five postal envelop and write on each : Appart, personal, MCR, School and Car

I already star to put 5 dollars in each envelop an for the day to come I will put one dollar. like that I know I will have the fund to be able to see just one simple MCR show, to do whatever i need to have.


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Bad night

I am kinda scare to share this whit you, because idk this feel just so lame or just not important at all

I just pass ma worst night ever. I am not complaining about my sickness but more like bad memories that my brain just keep showing me this image just to make me suffer more.

Idk if it is happen to everyone, evrytime a try to sleep my mind bring me back one year ago, in February, when I start to cut myself and I also try to kill myself....

I just have this image of me laying on my bed waiting for the death come get me, those image of my parent crying and when I was stuck in the

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hospital and vampire what else?

so I just see the vampire emojis on youtube

that make me more confuse....

resume thing : Cryptic gif, hospital room and a vampire emojis. what even suppose to mean ???

Is it the patient in the black parade reborn into Vampire by the spell of witch? or is just Frank who is hiding ?

also I have been thinking about the purpose of the hospital and the base of the hospital is cure and help people right ?

Maybe the skeleton is the one who was in the hospital and now he is free who knows ? Everything is possible !!!

My head hurt I think to hard, I'm gonna sleep ( at less I will TRY )


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I am freaking tired

Can I move somewhere else ? like the weather in Canada is horrible one week is hot for the winter like the temperature show 5 degrees if I don't made mistake is 41 Fahrenheit in USA
and other week is like under the zero and we all freezing.

Now I am sick I feel like someone is crushed my head every single seconde of my day
I cannot breath by the nose
my lungs hurt so bad
and I am freaking tired
but I cannot sleep because I am not able the breath normally !!!

I hate winter so much, but I love seeing snow

I hope you day is better then mine love you guys


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La la la la

I just discover that

I was just listening some video music video but only the vocal and then I search for MAMA but only the vocal and somewhere in the song you can here gee sing : la la la la la la la
Start laughing for no reason and since I heard that when I am listen the the original song I actually heard the famous : la la la la la

is so funny

just check it out ( the vocal only) ( original )

Have fun !


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I have finally got it

I finally got the three CD I have bought like one month ago ( Three cheer for sweet revenge, Black parade and Danger day )
And my parent didn't approve that.
My father just come to see what the CD look like and he is said : All black, black, black and he said this type of band force you to do bad thing you know ?

My heart stop beating and I stop breathing.
I try couple of time to show to my parent that My chem is not a bad band, they are actually the opposite of that, but they don't want to understand
I don't want t force them to love MCR, but just to understand that they are incredible for