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I've Made My Decision! But...

My mom's started asking me if there's anything I'd want for graduating high school this year. I'm thinking to myself "Oh heck yeah, there's something". I'm bound and determined to work hard and earn enough for a couple tickets to the show in Philadelphia (through Ticketmaster, they're mostly reliable for me), but what if the COVID pandemic puts the North American shows on pause? If I make that splurge, I just want the tickets to still be valid, you know? Ticketmaster's return and "keeping tickets valid" policies can be a bit shaky, from what I've read. Stay safe, y'all.

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Corona Break Day ??

I've started messing around with my guitar and keyboard, playing by ear, nothing special. But it keeps me occupied. Also I've picked up Gerard's Doom Patrol, it's really good! Might dig into the rest of Young Animal, who knows.

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Corona Thoughts

(Yikes, edgy posts on here...That won't make ya cool, it just concerns others.) With this virus going around, the governor of my state has a stay-at-home order in place until June. This is gonna be a longggggggg break.

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Pandemic Panic

So we've all got time away from school because of the virus, but when do you think this will blow over? Or rather, when do you think the masses will stop panicking so much? Stealing enough toilet paper for ten people and going to the hospital after having to blow their nose once. I understand being worried because this is such a fast-spreading problem, but come on. I want this virus to be stopped as much as the next guy, but when do y'all think it'll cool off and leave us alone?

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Break Day 1

I've been sleeping for most of the day since I worked till midnight last night, but now I'm playing Cuphead on the Switch, and...I'm stuck on World 2. Like maybe I just suck, but apparently I've died close to 300 times already. They ought to make an easier version of the game and have it as DLC or something, the Simple mode on the bosses is still pretty dang tough. But it's such a beautiful gameeee

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So I work at Wendy's, and I think I'm hooked on the new Frosty-ccino coffee thing. Sweet, but not too sweet, good and cold, and not so much caffeine that you can't sleep for a day and a half. Love it. But I've been given long shifts recently like 5 PM to midnight, or 2 PM to midnight. Sucks a ton, but when I come home (cold and tired...It's good to warm my bones beside the fire), it's nice to jam in the car on the way, then come home to my bed and my pet cat, who often decides that I'm her pillow for the night.

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Jeez I'm seeing a lot of depressed and/or depressing people on this site...Like I'm aware that that might come across as hateful but just...lighten up a little. Please? Don't let them take the Light Behind Your Eyes. Aaaanyway, this year has been just GrEaT hasn't it? January, we had fears of World War 3, February, people didn't get Valentine's dates or got dumped/rejected on Valentine's Day, and now we have a global Definitely-Not-Named-After-A-Beer-Virus pandemic. I gotta wonder, are the remaining eight and a half months going to be as much of a kick in the nuts?

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Ayyyy it's March and Racist History Month is over! I've been listening to DietShampoo's recording of the Shrine show, and I've got to ask y'all, were you expecting to hear the guys play stuff from Conventional Weapons? Or do some Mad Gear and Missile Kid tracks during their soundcheck? I would've thought they forgot about those since they were never played live before....Except Kiss the Ring and a prototype of The World is Ugly. It was a great surprise to see both CW and MG+MK get some attention.

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Yet Another Purchase

Welp. I saw that MCR had put two more flags and a special Return jacket on the store, and naturally I wanted to get them before they sold out. I like to collect their things, and went nuts when I found an MCRX flag floating around eBay. But stuff like the old Danger Days and Black Parade Is Dead box sets are super expensive....Anyway, I got the new stuff, but at the cost of my most recent paycheck. I reckon whoever gets the profit off the band's store must be rolling in the dough.

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I've been trying to buy a couple tickets for the Wells Fargo Center show, but I've been stuck in the virtual waiting room for the past hour. I'm afraid that either they'll sell out, or I won't be able to get seats next to each other. Unless a special second date gets added, like the guys did for New Jersey, it looks like my chances are slim...