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I was doing my work for school and nanana came on and halfway through my sister came in and said "I'm tired of listening to your eMo music" and put on perfectly cut screams. i said I wanted it back and she didn't give it back and said "the music is distracting you" EVEN THOUGH THE PERFECTLY CUT SCREAMS WILL DISTRACT ME. I JUST WANT MY MUSIC LIKE DANG I CANT HAVE NOTHIN. siblings are stressful. anyways, have a good one killjoys seeya later

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spooky month since others are talkin about it

I'm gonna be a newspaper boy. I know, it sounds sTuPiD but once you think about it it's not. you can ride around on a bike to houses AND your bag doubles as a candy bag. also, you might score some extra candy from some people who think you ACTUALLY yeet newspapers at their door. the first 2 pros are from TheOdd1sOut the last pro is from me. if I don't go as a newspaper boy I might just go as The Black Parade skull guy....ill have to get the stuff for it tho-

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I was listening to MCR and AJJ and it clicked in my brain that I wanna make a band. idk it sounds fun XD
idk if this is considered spam or not soooo ack

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New Trumpet!

I GOT MY NEW TRUMPET!!! It's so shiny and it has all the pieces! unlike my other trumpet. I just can't believe it! it sounds so clean and just aaaaa I love it! I can't wait to play songs on it! they are most likely going to be songs like megalovania or Wii but that doesn't matter-

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hi! I found this place with a link on one of MCR's videos, and I'm so glad I scrolled! i guess I introduce myself now?

Hi! You can call me Nathan, my Pronouns are He/Him and I like music! i play trumpet myself and i wanna learn guitar and ukelele. My music playlist consists of ALOT of MCR but it also has Panic! At The Disco, and dark songs. i don't find many happy songs- Im interested in Blacksmithing and Wood working when i get older annnnd that all i can think of. I'm happy to be here!