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So um this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down

Hahahaha I just made my title the beginning of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Anyways so the new girl, I did a little digging ( not saying I’m stalking her, that’d mean like I know where she lives and shit; which I don’t); I found out her last name, and I looked her up on Facebook, I found her profile; but it hasn’t been updated since October..... also if I’m not mistaken her profile said she has been in a relationship since 2015???

However she moved here from Chicago, so if she hasn’t updated her profile since then, there’s a chance she might be single????

Anyways I’m also talking to a few

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New Girl at Work

Soooo there’s a new girl at work, her names Tori, but she’s in my department ( Grocery); and I think she’s attractive, soooo I’m just like well shit.... 1. I’m not sure how old she is ( I think all the other departments ( Non Cashier/Bagger) you have to be at least 18???) And 2. I’m not sure if she has a boyfriend or something??

So there’s that. But since she is in my department, I’ll get to see her occasionally when I’m working, and since she is kinda new, I’ll probably get to help her out some; showing her where stuff goes.

I did help her out the other day, (Thursday) she looked so

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Depression sucks

Well I’m mostly Depressed due to Seasonal Depression ( it gets really bad around the holiday season)

[ In General I start going downhill after my birthday] ( September)

So from like October- February I’m in what I call ( Life on Standby) [ Yes I totally just Referenced Hawthorne Heights].

But I mean the reason why I say that, is because it can get so bad; that I completely go Psychotic ( Hallucinations) [ Visual and Auditory]. And no you don’t have to take Street Drugs to have Visual Hallucinations.

Any fucking psychiatrist or Psychologist/ Therapist whatever who tells you that is an idiot.

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Anyone want to be friends???

Hey guys/girls/ other, anyone want to be friends outside of here???

Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? Or whatever???

Just wondering. You don’t have to if you don’t want to....

( sad panda)

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Tuesday’s Gone With the Wind

Well put the title together and you can sorta figure it out...

But if not I’ll just say it. Me and my girlfriend split. She asked me to buy her something, but I said you know my moms going to catch on to me buying random shit all the time; then she said; wait you haven’t told anyone yet???!!! I said no.... then she said wow fuck you.... and I took that as we broke up.

But I don’t care, she was crazy anyways ( like she was super into Dominatrix kinky shit) but I don’t know anything about that, so it kinda made me push her away.... and we became distant.

Anyways I’m talking to other people

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They’re back!!!!!!!!!

Happy fucking Halloween

This is like the best news I’ve gotten all day

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Momentum Perplexion Obligation

No fucking clue what that means.... just sounded cool.

Anyways I’m going through a rough patch right now.....

I feel like giving up on my relationship with my girlfriend, I mean I’m probably never going to meet her in person.....

And I still have feelings for my ex ( we’ll call her S)

Anyways S called me yesterday on the phone to see how I was doing, I gave her an update, and she gave me an update.....

But S has a boyfriend who’s “controlling” as she calls it.

( I.E.

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Crimson Dawn

Tumbleweeds and squirrels my darling


Stan’s band comes up, Jimmy on the drums ( ignore the fact he’s totally fucking handicapped)

Death growling begins as the music plays........

Butters out of no where - Get Me Off this Farm!!!!

If you need more help it’s South Park I’m referencing here.

The episode is Band in China

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New Managers

Not sure if I shared this before or not???

But my old manager ( the one I hated), got fired, and now we have 2 new managers that I like a lot more; than the old manager.

Anyways that’s pretty much all I wanted to say.

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Winters Bliss

Well it’s finally Fall.... after having summer weather, until mid October.

I’m going through a spell, of Depressed thoughts and such. Been feeling about needing a “Mental Break”, from work and such; but I’m not necessarily wanting to be Inpatient....

I just want to like have a vacation, but I don’t have any paid time off left that I know of???

I also want to just go missing, where no one knows where I am and see if anyone fucking cares if I’m gone.