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Through the Iris

Cherish...... 2 circular hues, of blue and the grey shades, so captivating more than you know.....

False perceptions, that brought forth these questions; of truth, love, and lies.

Now that you’re injuring I’ll carry you with me, just please, hold on......

Disappear and dissolve..... a weakening wall will one day fall, it’s time we severed our loss, a redefined hope, through your iris.

10 Years - Through the Iris. ( The Autumn Effect)

Well you guys I haven’t been here in a while and I just wanted to say hey and that I’m still alive.

It’s close to fall so you know back to school in GA.


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Blib Blarb

No clue what that title means, but uhhhh yeah a little update for y’all.

My sister and my dad are both sick, my dad tested negative for Rona.

My sister got tested, but no results yet. I’m perfectly healthy. No Fever, No Symptoms, nothing.

Anyways my mom tore her Rotator Cuff in her shoulder. ( I think that’s like the tendon or ligament in the arm, at the shoulder). So she will have to have surgery for that.

And she’ll be out of work for 12 weeks.

My ex ( we’ll call her S) [ note I’m using the first initial of there names] is getting engaged to her loser bf.

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Post 4th of July.

So yeah the 4th of July is like my favorite holiday, but it just didn’t really feel like the 4th this year.

With all this Corona, and other bullshit going on.

We didn’t have our family gathering for the 4th, like we always do every year. We didn’t shoot off Fireworks, and I almost always do.

I watched a few neighbors shoot them off though, but I just didn’t feel like blowing up 40 single shot Mortar shells. Wasn’t worth it.

I just kinda feel like this year has been a complete disappointment, and disaster.

But in no way am I saying anything about politics here.

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Hey guys

Good lord I forgot about this site. I’m sorry y’all. How’s everyone doing?

Happy 4th of July to everyone. ( I don’t even care if you don’t live in the USA). Anyways here’s a little update since I last posted.

The past 2 months have been kind of an up and down roller coaster.

I’ve had a few Good Days, and Several Bad Days here and there.

The bad days weren’t severe though; a few depressed days and anxiety attacks at work, but I managed it pretty well; even though I had to leave early a few times.

I finally met K at the Dog Park, my dog and her dogs got to play together for a little bit.

And I

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Kickin Wing Animal Doctor

Alrighty then I guess I’m late to the party

Intro: I've taken all this time to
Show to you my lines,
To read to you my rhymes,
You'll never memorize,
Please don't forget me.
Now you have taught me
How to live by grace,
And I will do this until my dying day.
How could I ever fall away from you? ( Fall away from you)
You taught me how to live like Christ,
And how to show my face in the worst of times,
And all I can say is thank you.

1. My Username is a Combination of Blue On Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Blue Burns Orange - Hawthorne Heights.
2. I made my Account my Senior Year of High

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Its hot in hell

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s gone, only darkness every day.

Ain’t no sunshine when she gone; she’s always gone too long, anytime she goes away.

( Black Label Society) Cover.

Anyways just a little update, K has offered to meet me, so I’m trying to work out the logistics of meeting with her.

Soooo yeah how is everyone?

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Update I guess

Well I guess no one really read my last post however long ago I posted that....

Anyways there’s 2 Girls I like, they’re both 29, I’m 28.

One has a 4 year old ( Non Verbal) Autistic son, the other has no children.

I will call them B and K.

B has the child K doesn’t. B lives in Pennsylvania with her ex, because she has super bad anxiety, and can’t travel on a plane because of the anxiety. I like both girls, but B considers us as dating...

K lives where I live, and we aren’t really dating; but we are talking to each other and want to meet each other.

However with the stupid Corona; we can’t

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Winters Bliss/Summer’s Beginning

( Intro/Poem ) In the wake of Determination we stand as one, together we to shall rise from the ashes as one.

Underneath the Gun in front of waiting eyes, we comprise our hearts, take on the world tonight. And we’ll carve our names into their bones.
No second chance Tonight. That’s not what we’re fighting for, that’s not what we’re fighting for, I won’t let this love die.

( Blog entry) So I’m talking to a few people, but I’m conflicted because one of them considers us in a relationship, but is a year older than me, and has a 4 year old ( Autistic child). Seeing as I live at home; and my mom

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Sooo I don’t really know all you new peeps

Hey y’all there’s so many new faces here.

I don’t know you all so say hello.

Introduce yourself, whatever you want

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Omg you guys the other day my sister surprised me, and said she bought me and her tickets to KnotFest in June, in Atlanta.

I’m going to see Slipknot holy cow, I’ve never been to a real concert before. ( minus local bands at small venues). And I think 1 concert for New Years Eve ( 2000).

But like wow!!!! I’m actually sitting behind the “pit” so I’m in seats but I’m going to be pretty close to the stage I think???

Super excited