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Wtf happened to this place???

Wow like really wow.

So much spam in here, but to the ones who are still here, it is I Blue; back from a long long hiatus.

How is everyone holding up??? I read a few posts and see a lot of y’all have left this place already. I know people go through phases and stuff, and hey, that’s ok.

But just remember we were all here for each other and always will be, even if we never meet in person; I will always hold a piece of the MCRmy dear to my heart.

Anyways I just wanted to stop by, and say merry new year’s and happy Christmas.

Yes I said it backwards, ( it’s an inside joke).

If y’all go out

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As the title says I’m depressed as fuck. Really trying to stay out of the hospital, but I am slipping away.

I’ve lost interest in just about everything.

Idk what to do anymore....

This site is also filled with spam bots, so if any of the “real people” are around, please help!!!!!

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Back to Civilization

Fuck guys tomorrow morning I’ll be headed back home from vacation.

I also have to work 40 hours this week starting Monday.

I’m going to be a little rusty. But at least as far as I know; everything is still in the same place.

Hopefully none of my Grocery Co workers quit.

There’s only 3 of us that are day time; we have 1 evening kid who’s 17 or so and everyone else is overnight.

So I’m hoping everything runs smoothly when I return.

7AM Monday morning will come pretty fast.

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My birthday is in less than a week

Yikes I’m getting old.

Anyways a little update, there’s a cute redhead at my work, and I have a major crush on her, ( is that bad?). Anyways I’m going to the beach for my birthday, like the (20th to 27th); and yes I’m going right to where Hurricane Sally just went through. PCB, Florida.

I think it’ll be cleared up once we get down there though. ( I hope).

Soooo yeah my ex called me the other day, and wanted to see how I was doing, she said her bf gets angry at her, a lot; and that their house ( she lives with her bf currently) is moldy, and they haven’t done anything to fix it.

She also said

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Bill and Ted

So you guys I watched the 3rd installment of the saga, and I must say it is still as funny as the 1st 2.

If you guys know what movie I’m talking about go watch it.

My birthday is the 24th I’m old

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And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman

Well it’s September but I guess I’m a few days late......

I’ve been gone for a while, from here, not like any of y’all fucking care or anything; but I felt I would lurk on here and see how everyone’s doing..

Song/Songs of the day

My Friends - RHCP
Aeroplane - RHCP
Sappy - Nirvana
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
Cold ( But I’m Still Here) - Evan’s Blue
Ain’t No Sunshine - Black Label Society ( cover)

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Random Story Time

Hey guys so a little fun fact for the day.....

When I was younger, ( Elementary) until about 3rd/4th Grade, I never really had a Clique that stood out to me, I was friends with everyone.

Around 3rd-5th Grade I was placed in Special Ed for ADHD ( which I never had), the school system I was in was just trying to make bank; by telling my parents I was ADHD, and needed a therapist. ( I was different from the other kids.

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The Robot with Human Hair pt.4

Back to sloth and sleeping binges, lost that box of clean suringes, thoughts get rusty, no conherint meaning; stuck to the ceiling I’m becoming you. View from above same as below, can’t stop thinking can’t stop thinking can’t stop thinking STOP!!!!

I loose control of my autonomic mind, ( waiting for the impulse), I see the light burning in your eyes, ( thoughts contangible) come with me we’ll get lost ( around the winding road)

Hang on Hang on don’t loose composure now, hang on hang on feed into the miracle don’t be fucking Cynical.

( I probably got most of the lyrics wrong)

Anyways that’s

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Goodbye everybody I’ve got to go

Not actually leaving just thought I’d post a blog title after Queen.

Anyways yeaaaaaaaaah so it has occurred to me I might have “offended” a few of you.......

Imma just put it this way, I’m a conservative ( Republican).
I’m old fashioned.

I am aware I may have hurt your feelings and I apologize,

It’s just I was never really aware of the whole Transgender thingy until my late 20’s.......

( I lived a very sheltered life).

I was however aware of Bisexuality/Gay/Lesbian.

I just never really understood what the other shit meant....

Anyways............... I’m willing to learn from my mistakes,

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Death favors those who favor Death

Soooo yeah you’d have to watch Lars The Emo Kid on YouTube to understand what my title means......

Anyways I don’t get this new generation..... it’s like if my generation where to have a war against the current generation it’d be one sided????

Like my generation would all have Guns and stuff and the current generation would have Sparkling Dildo’s and eat Tide Pods......

( also please don’t take this seriously) I’m just highly puzzled by why everyone wants to change their gender???

Like You were created in the image of a higher power, for a reason; and playing that higher power is an evil