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Mortuary Obligation Detramation

I have no fucking clue what the title means so don’t ask. Anyways my gf is mad at me, cuz I was kinda silent yesterday when we were on the phone; like I just couldn’t really think of anything to talk about, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to her, because I did; I just literally didn’t know what to talk about.

I guess I kinda choked up a little bit, but she’s just been so distant today. Like I text her and it takes a long time for her to reply.....

So idk

It’s been a while

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. How the is everyone? I’m pretty ing good.

I have a girlfriend. Idk if I’ve mentioned that before???

But I love her.

Perpetual perplexion

Ummmm I don’t know what that means, but it sounded smart so yeah.

Anyways I finally called my girlfriend today, I was really scared and nervous at first, because I thought I was going to get catfished, which still might very well happen... ( you never know); it could be a sting operation. You never know nowadays.

But I hope it’s the later and she’s real and who she says she is.... I’d hate to have to go back to searching...

Summers End

Well Summer is over. Kids go back to school tomorrow, my vacation is over, back to work tomorrow.

Feels like this year has gone by way too fast. We’re already in August. Just one more month and 24 days and it’s my birthday.

I’m an old man!!!!!

College football is right around the corner, so is NFL. And if I’m lucky my baseball team will make it to the playoffs/World Series....

Vacation #2 Summers End/Winters Bliss

Well I leave for Texas on Thursday at 1PM. I’ll be there till Tuesday next week. I’ll be at the Largest Waterpark in the US for like 4/5 days. I’m super excited. I also have a Girlfriend now; who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I really want to meet her, (we haven’t yet) but I have a picture and I’ve heard her voice, and she is really cute.

Anyways summer is almost over, and I feel like I spent most of it, at fucking work. Like I had a week for Memorial Day Weekend; at the Beach.


Well I no longer feel quite as lonely as I have been.
I met a girl on a site called no longer lonely, she lives in North Carolina though; so gotta work out how to meet in person.

But things are going well, I guess you could say....

My managers haven’t fired me, so I guess that’s a good thing, and as far as I know; they didn’t write me up, but idk....

Anyways I’m doing well now. I know summer is almost over, and I’m kinda bummed in a way. I didn’t spend too much free time at the pool, or outside the free time I did have, I was either on the Internet, or playing video games...

Now I feel like

Work situation

Well they did ask for the dr note. Which I don’t have one so I lied and said I left it at home....

So I have to go back to work tomorrow, knowing they’re probably going to ask for it again. So now I’m worried my time is over at work.

I’m honestly scared that they’re going to get rid of me. Like idk how much longer I can stall, and make up excuses; for not having a drs note.

I’m honestly more worried that if I get fired, I’ll not be able to find another job; because of bad reference from Kroger.

Also I’m worried I’ll loose my car if I get fired.

Update on life

Well I have to go back to work today, and honestly I’m scared, I’ve been there almost a year and a half as of 9/11.

But I’ve missed a lot of days the first year. And I’m starting to miss a bunch now; because of my anxiety and other stuff.

I’m worried they’re going to fire me, and my mom has already threatened to sell my car if I loose my job, which means I’ll be stuck at home all the time. And that won’t be good cuz I’ll get bored and depressed easily....

Hopefully they won’t fire me but idk.....


I’m so alone...

I feel like it’ll always be this way. No one cares about me, no one likes me.

I mean there is one person, but like I said before; she lives in the United Kingdom.

Everyone here, that I’ve encountered either won’t date me because I’m Bipolar, or they won’t date me, because I don’t have a Full time job/ Career.

And I don’t have a College level education....

You know what I have to say about that, is a big

Fuck you. I’m more than just my illness, I’m more than a fucking piece of paper, that says I have a college degree...

Yeah that’s nice and all, and you can probably get a

Happy 4th everyone

Well I know it’s 2 days early and some of y’all might not live in the USA; but happy 4th of July.

Remember kids, let the Adults, who have been drinking all day blow shit up....

Just kidding though, you should never mix alcohol with Fireworks ...

Well that’s pretty much all I wanted to say.