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People spoke to soon and the spam is back. Moral: Don't speak to early


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July 23rd

Does anyone even remember what it is today?? [It's my duty to make sure everyone remembers XD]
* takes a deep breath and leave it * Today was the day I brought you my bullets, You brought me your love was released. Unofficially know as International My Chemical Romance Day. I am just gonna drown myself in it today. Demolition lovers I've always had on repeat and still haven't figured out the difference in the intros of Drowning lessons and Headfirst for Halos :(


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Pissed off

I am so pissed of right myself. Ask why..[Even if you don't ask I am answering it XD]. I FUCKING FORGOT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AT JULY 20TH. CHESTER CHARLES BENNINGTON FUCKING DIES AND I FORGOT!! HOW COULD I- ASDFGHJK..
Anyways RIP Chester, hope you're doing well. Noone can replace you.


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I felt so sick

I had a debate in school. The topic was Mental health: A priority in students. AND THEY FUCKING MADE ME GO AGAINST IT!!! It was horrible. I felt sick to my stomach after it got over. I don't know why.....maybe I give care too much

I want a new Killjoy name. Anybody suggestions??

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Happy Birthday to Ray Toro!!

Happy Birthday to one and only Guitar god. Keep shredding your guitar. I am so late

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It happened again!!

DID YOU GUYS NOTICE THAT THE AUTO-CLEAN OF SPAM HAPPENED AGAIN!! I am just happy that the spam gets flushed out regularly.

I think I'll read Hunger Games next [By now probably you would have guessed I am a huge nerd/bookworm, Thank you very much.].

BTW did you guys listen to those 2 new Palaye Royale songs?? They are pretty good.

Also I need a new killjoy name as the current on is very dumb. Also how does the comments work, I never figured it out.

Well that's it for now ig. Keep the site running. THE SPAM SHALL NEVER WIN!!*said in horriple deep voice*

Remember you'll always burn as bright

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I have noticed sometimes spam gets auto deleted and stuff. It has happened twice before. Does it mean the site managers still come and check and stuff??

BTW I started reading Twilight and it's hella rad. [For those who are wondering I never saw Twilight so please excuse me.]

The school is just dumping assignments on us and I feel like Imma explode. I feel this site is sort of dying.

Well, enough of my boring life how are you all??


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Life update slash name change

Hey there killjoys,

I go by Shadows now. Idk why I just wanted that as my name.
So yea...

I am reading Camp Half-Blood chronicles at an unhealthy rate. Is it a cause for concern? At any rate I am not stopping. It's fu**ing raining here and it can't get any better.

How're ya'll doin'?

~xoBlack Purgatory

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I saw someone do this we go

1) Gender? Figuring it out
2) Age? 14
3) Height? Idk...haven't checked in a while
4) Virgin? Yup
3) Shoe size? Idk
4) Sexual orientation? I think I am asexual
5) Do you smoke? No
6) Do you drink? No
7) Do you take drugs? No
8) Age you get mistaken for? 13
9) Have tattoos? Not yet
10) Want tattoos?'s one of the things I'll definately do
11) Have piercings? Just ears
12) Want piercings? Probably a lip one
13) Best friend? I have a close friend...I don't know about best,I don't trust people much
14) Favorite movie? I don't watch much movies
15) Favourite song?

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I am new and hello.........

Hey, call me Lex (it is pseudonym). I should do this fast before I chicken out. I really like My Chemical Romance . I had heard of them at the end of December 2020 and I fell in love with them. I tried posting before but didn't. I know I am probably wasting your time, I'm sorry for that. I hate the light, darkness is comfortable and I am not depressed. Well it's night in my place so good night but it could be a good morning/evening/afternoon too.