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guys guys guys

Guys have y'all watched the vid for mama live in Mexico? It looks cool and the beginning and end give me chills it's beautifully creepy. also "Mama we're all gonna-jump!" if you haven't seen it you need to it's awesome. This is just a rant. I'm sorry. I'll shut up now. also Gee does a little growl near the end and it kills me and resurrects me at the same time. ok. I'll leave.

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I'm lowkey running out of names

So I'm lonely and I need a fricking hug from someone not related to me but quarantine said no and I'm going crazy and addicted to fricking Honey Sticks cause they're good as he// and I'm hungrier than usual. ok, I'm just ranting and stuff. If you read this all I pity you and you need to ignore me. If you didn't I don't know why I'm still typing but ok

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Just a break from all the KJ things. Does anyone here know the game Identity V? I don't think it's widely known and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to friend me on the game(if you know it of course) ok I was bored and just as lonely as My killjoy oc. k. I'll leave now sorry. Bye!

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More KJ things I guess

Um, yeah. Arsenic Fatality again. Just thought I'd further explain my constant state of loneliness. So I know I've mentioned my sisters a bit so further explanation on them then. I had two sisters, both ghosted, who WERE staying with me. The oldest being Dying Ember and the younger, technically my female twin, being Sweet Song. I remember it was November the 29th when they went out to scavenge for some supplies and ran into a group of dracs. Why am I alive to tell the tale? They always made me stay and watch the post.

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Yeah I know i just posted

SO. I wish we could have a roleplay maybe over email? I would do Docs but school restrictions suck :l Anyway I'm just lonely and stuck at home because of corona and want to talk to someone :') I'm slowly dying to talk to someone about something I know and love and this seemed like the right place. Things I like talking about: Wings of Fire, MCR, Identity V, Wolves, space, literally anything else "emo"

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Hey, Arsenic Fatality here! Again. So I doubt I've been seen cause my pale a doesn't go out much. I'm a twig without better terms. My hair is ash-blonde and kinda floppy I guess? As for my outfit, I'm usually in my gray tee and I call it my roadkill jacket because it's definitely been up close and personal with a car tire once or twice. Other than that just jeans and some hi-tops. Yeah, I guess that's about it for my character... Not much to me in all honesty. Oh, and don't forget I'm always open to visitors! I'm also willing to help out with anything if need be!

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(ignore the title idek) So I know we're all doing stories but what about how they look? Could we just describe their traits and features? No ones gonna do this but oh well I tried. If you read this. thanks. If not? Oh well, I'll live.

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My Killjoy Story(I guess) And he is in no way related to me IRL

Hey! So I'm Arsenic Fatality, and I've heard some other stories so here's mine! I-um-I came out here with my two siblings when I was*pause*I think I was 12? Yeah, either 12 or 13. My sisters kinda dragged me along with them when we all ran away. Our mom and dad didn't really even want us so they didn't know about it. Uh, yeah, I'm also pretty lonely since both my sisters didn't let me leave and then guess what! They died. So I live alone I have a wolf stuffed animal of whom is my only friend. I'm 17 and talk to a stuffed animal. But hey better than anything right?

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#random updates with Onyx :)#

Things I'm now obsessed with: Identity V, IDKHow, keeping my hair up, animal bones, the colors black red dar blue dark purple and white, typing, google meet(not sponsored), chatting with others. Ok th has been random updates with me, Onyx! Have a fantastic quarantined day/night/evening lovely pack!(pack as in what I call my friends/people who tolerate my annoying-ness)

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I dunno anymore

So most people I talk to on here are craccheads except fo Harbinger for Hire who just scares me a little but they're pretty cool. Just felt like I should say something. I'm lonely. And doing school at home now because of Corona. #random updates with Onyx#