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something good :)

yesterday, something pretty damn good happened.
so i got a guy that i like's number, about a week ago, and we've been texing a lot. yesterday, he asked me if he could tell me something important. I told yeah of course.
then he said i like you.
so i told " *happy squirrel noises* " and said i like you too.
then he says i mean like you like you which i just said "what do you think *happy squirrel noises* is?"
then he asked me out.
but i still dont know if im technically allowed to date, and i want to get to know him better too, so i told him that and he agreed so now we are in that "talking"

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They say being insane is dangerous.
It's only dangerous when you have nothing to lose.
then theres nothing to stick around for.
nothing to worth holding yourself together for.
No reason to keep going.

Theres nothing to hold you back when that kid pushes you just a little too far.
Nothing to keep you from stopping him in the hall
pushing him against the wall
stopping his heart
then letting him fall.

Watching as the other kids scream, running away.
some stick around, and stare.
you laugh as the "Crack" pierces the air,
five times over.
they all fall,
one by one.

The people run up

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part 6 not this

The sound of a gunshot rang through the air, and i fell forwards, a hole in my chest.

I fell to the ground, and blacked out.

I woke up a while (i dont know how long) later. God my head hurt. I went to rub my eyes with my hand and found a thick leather strap tying my arm down. I tried my other limbs, same result. I pulled my head up as much as i could, and saw a blindingly white room around me. A big light was trained on my face, making me squint. I heard a sound like a door opening, and I shut my eyes.

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Im gonna update the story soon, been writing more in the book I've been writing since 7th grade. I've also been super busy with tests and other stuff so haven't had much time to focus on the story that i can't edit after I've posted it. So I've been slowly editing my book (which is literally about the son of satan, ill put the prologue on here so yall can see it.) but ill update the story soon. luv u guys.

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I finished seedeater. He looks amazing. My mask is almost done too. I painted it, i just need to put black cloth behind the eyes so that its looks "eyeless". If you didn't know, im going to be eyeless jack. Its pretty good so far. I made a mini seedeater (what everyone agrees is jack's pet/companion). The "real" seedeater is the size of a Clydesdale (huge horse breed), but i made one thats about 8 inches tall that sits on my shoulder. Wish so bad pictures worked so i could show y'all.

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almost got me

The demons came back, after being nice, and got pissed when i said no again. they had been told that the kindness tactic would win me over either at once or it would just pull me to them the next time. It didnt work, so they got forceful. Yelling at me and pushing me. Almost got me, to be honest. It would have been bad too. but not yet. Im holding my own.

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The demons...

The demons.
They came to me today.
The third time this month.
I asked them why they were here.
I asked them, and they laughed.
The laughed until they were on the floor.
Then, the darkest one I have heard been called Jett, looked at me.
He smiles, almost friendly.
He’s always been a sort of friend to me.
I don't mind them usually, but today, I'm not in the mood.
“You are getting weaker,” he says casually.
“It’s almost your time.”
“NO!” I yell, taken slightly aback.
“Don't try to struggle, it'll make it easier,” he tells me.
“I remember when I was taken. The old head demon was a bitch.”

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Im hungry

Im hungry, and im going out to eat with family thats visiting, but i dont want to eat. I can feel my body yearning for the thing i haven't given it much of since last week. I didn't have breakfast for a week, which started it. Then, i stopped eating much more than a couple fries at lunch. Then, I ended up only eating dinner because my mom would kinda force me to because i stopped getting it for myself. She would bring me a plate and i would force myself to eat at least one part of what was on the plate. Then, I didn't eat lunch at all Tuesday, Wednesday or today.

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It creeps onto your lips.
It crawls across your face.
you know it's wrong.
They'll never accept you now
It's not like they ever did.
You don't care though.
Whats done is done.
You couldn't undo it
even if you wanted to.
But you dont want to anyways.

He can't hurt you now.
Or ever.
He's gone.
And you're smiling.


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i guess its cool?

So i was supposed to take a chemistry nine weeks test today. actually in the class right now. we have block schedule, which basically means that we go to 1,3,5,7 and the classes are an hour and a half, then tomorrow it should be 2,4,6 (with some kind of field day or something at the end). But the test today, the internet completely freaked and shut down three times, so we ended up not taking the test this period. so i just have a JROTC test (takes maybe 10 minutes) and then a lot of free time in that class yay. so yeah.