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Checking in...

Really wishing that I could get back into checking this site regularily. There is so much that I've missed over the past few months evidently. But I found out about half of them through other sources. I'm loving the video for 'The Kids From Yesterday'. It is outstanding and it just makes me more excited to see what comes next. MCR never disappoints so I'm certain it's going to be great. Of course no matter what, I'll always hold Danger Days close to my heart.

Also, congrats to the contest winner. That story really was worthy of the prize.

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Where have I been?

I can't believe that I've been away from this site for months. Gah, where the hell is my commitment? Anyways, many huge apologies for my absence. While I may not blog much doesn't mean I don't care or I don't try to read on what everyone here has to say. I've just been busy with work and life stuff and I suppose with the holidays fast approaching, that doesn't help either.

But I've missed it here, and I always come back to the open arms of MCR and the unbelievably courageous killjoys when I need a pick-me-up. In case I don't say it tomorrow Happy Halloween or Ieroween to everyone here.

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So...question of the day and it's not really a daily thing. I just wanted to see how many comments I can get with this so we'll try it out. I went to see Scream 4 this afternoon and I was thrilled to revisit this particular movie franchise. I've actually missed it and I don't know why I get a kick out of slasher flicks but I do and everything was great except for the splitting headache I got towards the end. I think I just saw so many people get stabbed that I sort of began to feel it a little bit.

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So I just realized something else...

Apparently I've come down with some sort of post-show depression that has officially taken effect this morning now that I'm back home and having to go back to work tonight after a four day weekend and seeing MCR. But the worst part is now I feel guilty. Evidently I'm not allowed to feel sad because people around me are now uncomfortable and due to any empathy in the room if I begin to cry or act bitchy other people are following suit. Damn it. Am I not allowed to feel sad for a little while without other people making me feel worse for it? Fine.

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My score page for the 4/15 concert

Since I guess this concert both provided an amazing and discomforting experience I'll try to discuss both in an attempt of scoring on a scale of 1-10...or more if it's really really good that it's off the charts. Let me start by just saying that the show was great. I couldn't have asked for a better line-up and it was an excellent way to discover new music from other bands. The Architects and Neon Trees did a fantastic job on each of their sets and I was quite moved with each song performed. Kudos. Now onto the other stuff...

The weather: 4 (It's bad enough that mother nature was attacking me

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2 days til Aragon!!:)

I just realized that this will be my last opportunity to post a blog here before I go to the MCR concert this Friday and when it came to me that it's only two days away, the excitement levels just went up a few more notches. Seeing as this is my first time getting to see them in person and all the good things I've heard about the live shows, I'm definitely thinking it'll be a night to remember. I'm taking a train into the city tomorrow and will be there for a couple of nights. Ugh--the result of not having a car and living 2 hours away. But it's fine.

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Best Birthday Wishes

It has of course, come to my attention that it is Gerard Way's Birthday today--even though this is a running theme among everyone today...Mr. Way, clearly alot of people love and care about you and I am no exception. I spent alot of time thinking 'What do you get someone who at this point clearly has everything?' And my mind drew a blank_____. So I'll just wish you the best birthday ever and grab a cupcake in your honor during my lunch break today. xo

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Today's events

Just a small-ish update as to what I've done today. My mom planned a gathering/party that we held outside across from my apartment. She quotes that it was a 'Celebration Of Life' party and she wrote out a speech that she spoke to everyone that showed up about why we were celebrating and the things that have happened in Japan, etc. I was so proud to help with that. We had food and music. My mom let me select the music and I played the Danger Days CD to coincide with the theme of the party. My mom and her friend thought that would be a good idea.

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So happy

Just got my party poison jacket in the mail today and it fits perfectly! Bummer that I have to work today, I would definitely wear it all day long, but atleast I have it in time for the Chicago concert. =Permanent good mood, atleast for the next 24 hours. :)

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Rant #1 (occasionally I might do these)

Hi guys, just needed to come here to vent a little bit from experiences over the past couple of days. (I hear it's good for the soul, or not?) Anyhoo, at the job that I work at as a cashier I have to deal with alot of hmm, customers I would rather not put up with at all.