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famous_living_dead's picture

It's A Little Late, But I Still Think I need To Say It....

on November 3, 2009 - 10:36am
Happy Ieroween!! I guess it's a bit late, but Frank, you deserve it anyways :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
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No idea what the name of this new song of mine is called, and it dosent have a tune eighter, so feel free to experiment with it!

on November 3, 2009 - 10:33am
Like the darkest room Like the sweetest berry Like the rose that grow in my head as a memory of you! Marked for ever am i!!! You broke me, as a doll you played with me!!! My heart is cold and icey for the pain from you You left me her, unable to speak, unable to move, unable to do anything but love you and cry for it!!! So leave me here! I see you standing at the edge of my grave Pretending to be sad, your lucky i am in a chest!
marilynkayt's picture

Ok how about a love poem (The First Time)

on November 3, 2009 - 10:32am
Marilyn Thompson Copyright 2005 The First Time His head rests upon her breast, dreams of paradise crest, the waves of his mind, waves that move in slow rhythm, with the beating of her heart, carrying him forward, casting him upon a beach of silken sand, her skin. They sleep, cloaked in moonlight.
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on November 3, 2009 - 10:07am
Rosie_Revenge_xoxo's picture

......... WTF?

on November 3, 2009 - 9:57am
I found the weirdest Bus add ever in Belfast!!!! 'Emo Energy?' Not only are we cutting prices, WE'RE CUTTING OURSELVES!!! lol, oj, XD xoxo