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5:00 Update

on June 30, 2019 - 2:01pm

hey my baby boyz!

last night was fun. i went to the beach at night with Sav and we danced on the docks. then we went to Wegmans and she bought candy and macarons and i didn't cause I'm saving up for 4th of July booze. We are going to see KT for the 4th.

I'm in my room listening to a Psychedelic Furs album. I'm seeing them live on July 9th. They're probably kind of old now but it will be fun! Who I really want to see though is Johnathan Richman. He's from the town I live in. I think that's really cool and I really like his music.

My parents are going out to a show tonight.

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Feeling A Way

on June 28, 2019 - 10:40pm

oh whatever i guess it seems weird to be doing this here and now in this year but nothing really matters anyway...

i’m having as it’s been eloquently described to me a mindfuck how all these things exist, like, fucking personality cult garbage and blah blah and basically like the whole of my favourite thing happened when i didn’t know about it and now it’s the most important to me and that’s a lot like life isn’t it?

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on June 28, 2019 - 3:15pm

I decided to suck it up and join this site. Hi, I'm atom, good to meet you! I'm really just joining this site in honor of my friend Noah, but hey, it'll be nice to connect with other fans I guess.

BlueBurnsBlack's picture

Life after heartbreak

on June 28, 2019 - 5:59am

Well what more could I say, I fcked up and made her mad. She broke up with me, before we ever even met in person.

She was fine with the whole part about me having Bipolar depression; she was fine with me only having a part time job, but when I told her I didn’t have enough for dinner and a movie, she got defensive and called it off....

She was a cute girl, and we liked each other a lot, but I guess it was for the best....

Anyways I am ok the poetry was no way shape or form about me being “S” but rather Me explaining how I have no luck here finding someone who will care about me; when I have

zzombieyum's picture

a poem.

on June 27, 2019 - 6:13pm

here is sit in my bed
looking through all the fics ive read
flaming hot cheetos stain my fingers red
this is the life this fangirl lead
all the thoughts drift from my head
and are replaced with frank and mikey instead
someday i will have MCR in my shed
but for now i sit in my bed
letting the chem go into my head