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Fangirl_Queen_160's picture

I have nowhere else to post this but it's something that's been bouncing around my head

on March 29, 2019 - 8:51am

I told you I would never forget you...
Now all I do is wish I could.

You told me you would never stop loving me...
Now you say you never really did.

"I miss you more than words could ever say."
-My Chemical Romance, "Give 'Em Hell, Kid"

It's getting to a point where I can hardly breathe. I have a girlfriend, but thoughts of him and the way he made me feel invade my daily life. I don't know what to do anymore.

killjoy.gumball's picture

the 22

on March 25, 2019 - 1:19pm

It's March 25th and i am still acting like it's the 22nd. I'm not entirely sure if thats normal or not but oh well. I am dedicated to this band because I love them and respect them. But i didnt cry on the 22nd because as long as the band happend it's okay, nothing lasts forever. Now if MCR never happend i would cry but that's not the case, everyone has lives and Ray, Gerard, Mikey, Frank, and Bob are all doing great. Some of them have been making music and some of them havent and thats okay. But no other band will make me feel the way I do with My Chemical Romance.

LittleBlackHeart's picture

6 years..

on March 23, 2019 - 2:09pm

I’m late, I know. I just found out about this website today. I cried yesterday, because I’ve never gotten to see MCR in concert. I’m so upset they they broke up and, let’s face it, are never getting back together. I can relate to their songs more than any other band. As Gerard says, though, “Prromise me, when My Chemical Romance is done, you’ll do what it takes to survive. You can do it without us”. RIP MCR. May you always be in our little black hearts..

Wellareyoureadyray's picture

It's been 6 years

on March 23, 2019 - 12:26am

Hi so I'm a little late but I'd like to say My Chemical Romance will probably never get back together, but remember the members are happy now, so we should be happy about that...... But no matter how many years pass their amazing music will live on and continue to help people. Stay Strong Killjoys!!!!

Gaia Fucking Way's picture

6 years after the break-up...

on March 22, 2019 - 9:38pm

Well, I've been reading all these people's messages and writing some too. I found out about MCR a couple years ago. I can remember perfectly that I was trying to be careful not to get really into it because of the break-up. Well, I didn't accomplish it and I happy I didn't. This band has helped me so much even though they are not a band anymore, that I can't imagine how broken I would have felt if I had been already into it on 2013.
I just want to say to all the fans that I'm here if you wanna talk, laugh or just cry over MCR.