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zzombieyum's picture

not much of anything

on July 6, 2019 - 5:37pm

im so bored all the time

making great progress on getting the house ready to sell

reading gone with the wind and enjoying it

man the 4th was crazy. i ate an orange like an apple. and my friends and i took a bath together. we were very drunk.


BlueBurnsBlack's picture


on July 3, 2019 - 8:36am

I’m so alone...

I feel like it’ll always be this way. No one cares about me, no one likes me.

I mean there is one person, but like I said before; she lives in the United Kingdom.

Everyone here, that I’ve encountered either won’t date me because I’m Bipolar, or they won’t date me, because I don’t have a Full time job/ Career.

And I don’t have a College level education....

You know what I have to say about that, is a big

Fuck you. I’m more than just my illness, I’m more than a fucking piece of paper, that says I have a college degree...

Yeah that’s nice and all, and you can probably get a

ifhighgate's picture

Ode to My Child/Teenhood ('Cause I'm Turning 19 on Friday)

on July 3, 2019 - 12:22am

Underneath the rising sun
And the new moon,
Winter has given way to springtime.

Where has innocence gone?
Where has it been taken?
I've beheld it.

Underneath the noonday sun
And the waxing moon,
Spring has given way to summertime.

Where have daydreams gone?
Where have they been taken?
I've forgotten them.

Underneath the setting sun
And the full moon,
Summer has given way to autumntime.

Where has play gone?
Where has it been taken?
I've felt it.

Underneath the dying sun
And the waning moon,
Autumn has given way to wintertime.

Where have memories gone?
Where have they been taken?
I've treasured

BlueBurnsBlack's picture

Happy 4th everyone

on July 2, 2019 - 2:02pm

Well I know it’s 2 days early and some of y’all might not live in the USA; but happy 4th of July.

Remember kids, let the Adults, who have been drinking all day blow shit up....

Just kidding though, you should never mix alcohol with Fireworks ...

Well that’s pretty much all I wanted to say.

zzombieyum's picture

im so tiered - fugazi. thats where im at.

on July 1, 2019 - 12:12pm

out here
i can barely see my breath
by jealousy and death
i can't be reached
i've only had one call
dragged underneath
separate from you all
this time
i've lost my own return
in spite of
everything i've learned
i hid my tracks
spit out all my air
slipped into cracks
stripped of all my cares
i'm so tired
sheep are counting me
no more struggle
no more energy
no more patient
you can write that down
it's all too crazy
i'm not sticking 'round