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We Stand For Something

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xxx2001emoxxx's picture
on November 24, 2014 - 1:12pm

ok so I go to a really small school with like 200 people and I'm the only MCR fan in my school and one of about 5 emo/goth people there. This has a lot of disadvantages for me because I find it very hard to get close to people, so I just end up putting up a front and being alone. I usually hang around corridors by myself with my earphones of course! This is ok cause I like my own company, but I do understand that mentally its not very good for me. I don't think I get bullied, but I do get teased a lot (no one has ever physically hurt me) people usually say things about: my family cause we are poorer than most people there; a few comments about me always being alone; constant asking if I'm "goth" or "emo" usually followed by being called a faggot; sometimes things about how I look, I have been called fat in the past which led to me being very insecure but that's another story. Lastly insults about my "shitty" taste in music and usually I'm quite shy but when someone does that I'll fight for everything I'm worth! That's the thing the worst people are always the ones who are obsessed with mainstream music and declare a song old after 2 weeks IF ITS SO GOOD IT SHOULD BE TIMELESS! I'd be a total hypocrite if I was mean to people that like who like popular music, and there isn't even a clean cut line between the fans of mainstream and rock loads of people like both, to be honest I'm not because I find pop stuff to be soulless, written for popularity not meaning.
I'm just going to make some points to anyone who has never listened to an MCR song but hate them because they are not 1direction. (I know that's no one on here I just want to vent this)
I am not insulting the music of 1direction (my example group) even though I hate it, its fine if you like it.
If you are a 1D fan is it the music or harry styles your in love with? that group could write or do anything but put Harry's face on it and it will sell millions.
I heard a story that 1D did not preform for a little girl who had cancer because they would not get paid, MCR would do anything for a fan and that is a fact.

If you are a 1D fan what do you stand for? What are you a part of? A franchise, from the most heartless part of the music industry. What does it mean to wear a 1D t-shirt, it means you made Harry styles £16 richer. 1D have influence over millions of people and yet I've never know them stand up for a cause e.g. gay rights or mental health.

As a killjoy, I stand for a lot of things: being yourself weather that's black, white, trans, gay, straight whoever you are, you are the perfect version of you. As a killjoy I am part of the MCRmy a fan base of people that have already proved they will stand together and help each other through anything including the break up of the band that brought us together, because its so much more than just a band they are the reason many of us are alive! When I wear my MCR shirt and people ask why I'm wearing the shirt of a band that don't exist anymore, I tell them MCR do still exist because not only where they an idea (you can't kill an idea) they have shaped the person I am today for the better I think and there are many people that will say the same thing. I tell them this MCR shirt is my uniform telling the world I stand for something and I belong to something, something that will still be thriving long after I'm dead.

Art is the most influential and beautiful weapon and it doesn't matter if your art is drawing or looking after people, its our job to use our art and master it.
Stay You, You are the most perfect You that will ever live.

Thank you to any killjoy that read my little vent and I'm very sorry to any 1D fan I was just using it as a general positive standard I hope nothing pissed anyone off. I just wanted to get this out of my system, I'm sure you guys understand