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responses as excuses

on March 12, 2020 - 7:26am

too bad that you think that your drama machine can defeat an artist as adept as me into thinking that things are crashing into the sea because of me because we can't agree,
not a fault on either side, but with damage to my pride, I would fly by your side, even though I'd rather consider suicide
and how can live when it seems you can't give a shit of care as you pretend you are free with the stars in your hair, but your free flight is fall, a farce, worst of all you cannot tell wether the skies that you flie aren't over those who die in the depths of the heavens and hell, but might just be as

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Shayne Blank

on March 12, 2020 - 7:01am

who here gets this reference?
also, i was listeneng to the heavy metal playlist on youtube and it is legit fire, i herd manowar, sodom, dethklok, koRn, bizkit and ghost so far.

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Okay I need to vent

on March 9, 2020 - 5:24am

I think I make up problems just so i can complain about various things. I just really like to talk, but i have no idea why, but it kinda sucks.
It feels like this day raped me, but in a not so oog aahhhn fantasy way. which sucks
also, I'm sweating like a motherfucker, which is annoying, I just failed a gym examination, cause I'm weak and really just a skelleten, but at least i look good. sorta. My face is a trainwreck, which is awful cause all the gay guys want these perfect little girlyboys. ugh.
also, these retarded gangstas are everywhere and are giving me brain ligma, which is so

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Response to "Response to 'Response to "Bored"'" ... ummm i think i lost track of the responses

on March 6, 2020 - 10:39am

Sure the air might seem nice, but it sure as hell is cold
That freezing altitude must be hard on your nose
see the up in the sky isn't for people like I, it's just for the brave and the bold
the freezing below digits, you'll have to wear thick clothes
the always always always moving moving moving must be hard to write poetry, even worse to write prose

The sky may be dark now, but you have to come down, land on the earth when the sun comes around, now you know that we don't have that problem underground.
What, now, of food, what's your sustenance source, down here I have plenty of fungi, of

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My new band

on March 6, 2020 - 7:34am

Okay so i'm starting a grunge band with my old crush, and right now we're stuck between two names.
Now, before you answer, i don't want to hear any "It's Your choice" bullshit, i just want an opinion on either:
Blackened Sunspots
Heartwash Sun



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Wednesday March 04, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

I'm going to dye my hair either dark blue or bright or maybe i'll just do both and go harley quinn.
wachu think peepal?

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Wednesday March 04, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

i have been doing nothing but listening to sublime for the past two days. RIP Brad.

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Monday March 02, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

Fortunately, no-one has any life-threatening injuries, but there are still some non-lethal lazer hits and grazings. we are now in a defensible position. we have received backup and more, and soon I will send Pinup information once we get some static.

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Thursday February 27, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

The Early members of the Thrill Killaz and I have had a confrontation with a new kind of Draculoid. Instead of white, they wear dark grey and carry heavy-duty rifles. Several Members of the Team have been shot, while no deaths have occurred yet, these deadly monsters are friggin everywhere in the outer rings. The Members of the Killaz have given these things the moniker SHADOW, or the Shadow squad. BE CAUTIOUS! Do not apprehend, do not engage unless necessary.
This is BLASTA_monster requesting medical supplies and backup from the ruins of Chicago, Zone 7.

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Wednesday February 26, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

I fucking need a change of pace. anything will do. Relationship, shoes, hair dye, SOMETHING. This monotony is killing me. I can't take anymore. HELP.

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Tuesday February 25, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

The evil sob was executed by my good counterpart Day-GLO. he straight up sniped the fucker. luv u day-GLO!