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I've cracked.

on April 18, 2020 - 9:40pm

Could you help?
If you could, would you?
Is that it?
what the fuck good is it if we mourn a suicide but can flip a switch to kill 1 when 5 are saved. the effects and affectations are a mind-boggling consuming broken record that hates me.

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i have no head

on March 16, 2020 - 9:15am

ok so i bin prtying all crnabrk and now my head is fucked. probably cuz my freind played antichrist superstar by marilyn. whenever that song comes on, i can't help but mosh...

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on March 15, 2020 - 11:54am

aight so me and ma boiz r going 2 b partying all Carona break. cya mi peebles.

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Responses are simply just a continuation of speech

on March 13, 2020 - 12:23pm

So currently under the weather are thy
Tired from diving in and out of the sky
So disappointed I think I might cry,
To think that to fly
Is an enticing treatise
To someone like I
For the air is too dry
for this fragile skin of mine
and you'll find
that I do mind,
But I almost accepted this offer of yours
though I was sickly and poor,
what a bore to lash out and fill it with clout, while the rest hadn't a clue what you were crying about,
but why cause me to suffer and to rack my brains trying to keep up with your insane game, calling names, so untamed, I like the energy, but personal

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Have any of you guys heard of these bands?

on March 13, 2020 - 7:46am

they're kinda obscure, but i laf them
Tom Waits
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Radar Men from the Moon



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Monday March 09, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

I think I make up problems just so i can complain about various things. I just really like to talk, but i have no idea why, but it kinda sucks.
It feels like this day raped me, but in a not so oog aahhhn fantasy way. which sucks
also, I'm sweating like a motherfucker, which is annoying, I just failed a gym examination, cause I'm weak and really just a skelleten, but at least i look good. sorta. My face is a trainwreck, which is awful cause all the gay guys want these perfect little girlyboys. ugh.
also, these retarded gangstas are everywhere and are giving me brain ligma, which is so annoying.

i think most of these hangups are just secondary to self, which is terrible cause i feel like these things are what is fucking my self up. i can't really do much but vibe which is a temporary solution, but death is an option, right? I mean, one-way ticket to semi-permanent freedom, right? Although, is all this edginess a defense of self? I mean, is it all just to keep this away? Does it do what it's meant to? Does it filter out the bad and leave the bad out, or does go the other way around, but honestly i can't keep this train of thought running cause a horrible wave of depression, and I wish i had someone strong to cuddle up against, someone who could hold me, let these problems melt away, someone to comfort and be comforted by, I feel that this world is like 87% about love, and whatever is left(bad at math)is defeating this
System of Terrible Things that exists, that leads these people to be so self-conscious, to be so loathing of things that they don't agree with, and i wish that i could love someone omygod this getting worse, like this is making my face so downturned and sad looking, which is making it worse it's compounded and now i swear i can see the curvature of the world. I'm really tired and i can't beleive that it's friday and yet today has shoved a limp cold sausage up my rectum, when i need a big warm hard co-
sorry, i got a little...
yeah, anyways, I wish i could sing. I wish i could have a scratchy, tense-throat voice like Layne did. but no, i have this just awful voice so i'm relgated to being stuck being a backround performer, the bassist, which is cool, but i want to be the front man.

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Friday March 06, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

Sure the air might seem nice, but it sure as hell is cold
That freezing altitude must be hard on your nose
see the up in the sky isn't for people like I, it's just for the brave and the bold
the freezing below digits, you'll have to wear thick clothes
the always always always moving moving moving must be hard to write poetry, even worse to write prose

The sky may be dark now, but you have to come down, land on the earth when the sun comes around, now you know that we don't have that problem underground.
What, now, of food, what's your sustenance source, down here I have plenty of fungi, of course.
and the spiders add garnish to an excellent stew, add a salamander or two for a delicious brew
but what is this substance goes in you? is it a slog of the smog, mixed in with the fog, with a cog from an airplane or glider of some sort, and what of helicopters raucous rapport,
down here, what we hear are sounds that are strange, see the crickets and locusts have an excellent range, and my crack, it resounds with the sounds of the cave, and serenity now, is never far away, as the drippings from rocks go on every day as I meditate to this underground way, as I am no slave
to the jetstreams and gusts, to the storms of the west, and the tornadoes and twisters and all of the rest
of your troubles compounded, confounded, as drift on the air looking ever so fair as the wind plays magic with your long flowing hair while I in my cave sit and contemplate as I look at your dreary windswept fate as I ponder the stars, I haven't seen them of late...

Maybe the pain isn't quite as great... Maybe it wouldn't be so bad as I thought it had, but I'm afraid of rain of the sleet of the snow, but you've piqued my curiosity and I'm ready to go.

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Friday March 06, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

Okay so i'm starting a grunge band with my old crush, and right now we're stuck between two names.
Now, before you answer, i don't want to hear any "It's Your choice" bullshit, i just want an opinion on either:
Blackened Sunspots
Heartwash Sun

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Friday March 06, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

Sure the air might be nice, the air may seem clean, but think of pollution made by machine
water is warm or the water is cold, but the deep and the wet is getting kinda old
the mountains aren't far, they're really quite near, but get up too high, and there's a popping in my ear
but in the deep underground, in the deep and the dense, the black holds me close, and things start to make sense.

The Shadows my lovers,
Caress me goodnight
The Bats my playmates,
Make me feel all right
The Blackness my velvet,
Keep me warm when I sleep
The Cracks my hometown,
Lanes I haunt, streets I creep

Sure the stars may seem friendly, but it's naught but honeyed lies, in reality, they're deceased like a web of golden flies
sure the moon may beam down on you just like mother did, but's it's more like that sadistic teacher you had when you where a kid
the clouds may seem so fluffy, cotton candy in the sky, but the truth is they're all spikey and made to make you cry
Now the surface may appeal to you, a paradise you found, but I've always preferred the inky black that resides underground

stalactites and stalagmites
keep me good company
Snakes and salamanders
taught me how to really see
my black cat he prowls
keep me safe at night
the spiders and the centipedes
when you cook em they're all right

Heaven may seem golden, and Heaven may seem good, but there are rules that you have to learn, rules I can't follow, In Hell I'd rather burn
Hell may seem like the good place, Hell may seem like it's the shit, but the hellion has lost its bite and its bark, and the demons no longer get it
the sun seems warm, the sun seems nice, but this star is dying, it's cold as ice
The underground may seem cold, it may seem really dense, but when the black revolves around me things start to make sense.

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Thursday March 05, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp


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Wednesday March 04, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

so i guess i messed up
yesterday i got reeeally fucked up, and then shit got wierd. I fell asleep, and then woke up, got dressed, went to school. everything seemed fine, except i was really pissed about something, but i cn't remeber what. until 7th period, when i got really tired for some reason, and as i laid my head down on the desk, i woke up in bed.
I freaking dreamed about going to school. it was still wednesday the 4th. i fucking raged. the school day played out like it had in my dream, exept for the tinges of fucked-uped-ness from last night.