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The Second Round Of Eliminations.

on April 21, 2020 - 7:17pm

The Names That were earlier transcribed have been whittled down to these, plus a few others.

The Glitchy Glitchy Femboys
Jojo Ferocious and the Commie Committee
I Hate You Less Than I Hate Me
The Neon Circus
The Jetson Cult Killings

Eon Peon
Nyanic Crapcan
The Arkansas Rubeleeon-(first album would be I cant spel)
Sick Sense
The Mudflaps
Digory Dunkirk and his Shovels of Virtue
Free-Range Extra-Virgin 100% Vegan Assmeat Substitute
Symbionic Symbiotics
weelr deelr
Lick It Tung

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on April 21, 2020 - 9:52am

Ok so i been dredging thru this site 4 like n hour and O MY FUCKING GOD this site is nothing but an edgefest and i been part of it. it makes me cringe to see kids that go "O I hAf No FrEiNdS" and While I know that there are really kids that have that problem, they don't post about it. I should know, cause all through middle school i had maybe three friends and 2 of them were medications. so, when ur posting about all that cap O im so ALONE maybe u should reconsider what ur doing. its all just a competition to see who's edgiest and it's kinda gross and exaggerated.

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Okay so I'm wondering what name would be best for a hardcore Punk Band

on April 21, 2020 - 9:42am

The Carnal Affair
The Army Brats
The Rifling Project
Belligerence Incarnate
The Glitchy Glitchy Femboys
The Experiment That Went Wrong
Slimer's Pimp
The Skinhead Skinners
The Bomb in Mar-a-Lago
Froot by the Metric Tonne
The Effyou's
I Hate You Less Than I Hate Me (I Hate You for short)
JoJo Ferocious and The Commie Committee
The Grand Ole'
The Curfew Breakers
The Straightjacket Circuitbrakers
The Neon Circus
The Jetson Cult Killings
The Carriage Wreck
The Bloody Rotters
The Grunts
The Car Crashes

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on April 19, 2020 - 7:59pm

Hey, am I the only one that wants Bob Briar Back in MCR?
Also, for you diehard Misfits, I liked Michale Graves better than Danzig.

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Now, for something completely different.

on April 19, 2020 - 7:54pm

Yall ever notice how sexually charged Nirvana was? I mean, that clip of Krist and Dave spitting wine at each other while they moaned was... interesting. Yes it actually happened and it was recorded. search up Nirvana Funny Moments or something like that you'll find it.



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Monday March 16, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

ok so i bin prtying all crnabrk and now my head is fucked. probably cuz my freind played antichrist superstar by marilyn. whenever that song comes on, i can't help but mosh...

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Sunday March 15, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

aight so me and ma boiz r going 2 b partying all Carona break. cya mi peebles.

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Friday March 13, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

So currently under the weather are thy
Tired from diving in and out of the sky
So disappointed I think I might cry,
To think that to fly
Is an enticing treatise
To someone like I
For the air is too dry
for this fragile skin of mine
and you'll find
that I do mind,
But I almost accepted this offer of yours
though I was sickly and poor,
what a bore to lash out and fill it with clout, while the rest hadn't a clue what you were crying about,
but why cause me to suffer and to rack my brains trying to keep up with your insane game, calling names, so untamed, I like the energy, but personal preferences are in line with civility, I did the best of my ability, for I warp reality like a funhouse mirror, can't you hear her, the way she calls to you, as you lie blue and cold, but alive and well, caught between heaven and hell, but might just be as well, for the tolling and striking have left you out in isolation, so come down, I may be below ground but my mind is higher than a kite, but you are right about one thing, the longing to hear her sing her sweet and sad melody of a thousand iron choruses screaming like locusts in a swarm of crocuses, during demonstration season, devoid of reason, go ahead and hang me for treason but just remember that in the end, I was right all along.

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Friday March 13, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

they're kinda obscure, but i laf them
Tom Waits
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Radar Men from the Moon

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Thursday March 12, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

too bad that you think that your drama machine can defeat an artist as adept as me into thinking that things are crashing into the sea because of me because we can't agree,
not a fault on either side, but with damage to my pride, I would fly by your side, even though I'd rather consider suicide
and how can live when it seems you can't give a shit of care as you pretend you are free with the stars in your hair, but your free flight is fall, a farce, worst of all you cannot tell wether the skies that you flie aren't over those who die in the depths of the heavens and hell, but might just be as well as you can't understand that a movement of hand could cause you to die, cause some other to cry and leave them bereaft when shot out of the sky because of such the sick, it's not that we're the same, for world yes it spins, oh, and yes it still turns, and yes, the great fire of sun it still burns, but if not for the ones who like me, find peace in misery, but lost and noght for those who had chose, but who knows, as the earth strikes the eaves and the message blows on along the breeze, for your ghost it still longs for the world, but you're caught in a tree on the earth, the earth over ground, the ground over caves full of soud over hell inside earth. and for what, because the sky is quite stark? or is it because you're afraid of the dark, of the shadows that creep, the walls that do speak, of creatures that hide in the glorious refracted darkshine of the silky velvet of the deepest inky black with purple-blue and technicolor stark.
take glorious retribution dilution of the masses
destruction with no maze, purple haze
days have no names
no way to refract the unquestioning minds with sunshine, so don't whine when I tell you that you're through so continue you're rant knowing you can't in good conscience just avoid apology.
not to them
not to me
why can't you just get that it's all just vibration and that drifting through will do no good so put up your hood and hide your face this place placated abated justicated masticated faded and medicated
with Ritalin lye within rye lithium in cocktail meant for keeping me down around frown when the moon points down and the seas start to boil and skulls start to crack and the knife in my back that you placed and about-faced as I bleed blackened leaden ichor from leather gashes inside bloodred sashes and armbands marching single file down the hallowed aisle if not for pixie and Carlyle dear McDonalbain in confounding conundrum upkeep downturn my dear mortal Barnsley could you please give me back my head screaming eyes bleeding out of my head through my ears n my nose and my fears can't you please just kill the switch-hitting my brain just sever a connection just a simple incision please leave out precision as I want it to be messy messy messy like a massacre in a lead coffin.

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Thursday March 12, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

who here gets this reference?
also, i was listeneng to the heavy metal playlist on youtube and it is legit fire, i herd manowar, sodom, dethklok, koRn, bizkit and ghost so far.