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we fucking did it,

on February 25, 2020 - 7:59am

with a joint operation pulled off by various killjoys, we have avenged poison, bae, star & ghoul!

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on February 25, 2020 - 7:22am

Okay so i'm patrolling the wastes and i swear to god i just saw korse i won't post for a little bit but i will kill that motherfucker anyone in the former chi-town suburbs watch out he's on the move

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I'm such a worthless slut.

on February 25, 2020 - 7:03am

I fucking need a boyfriend. I have comforted so many girls, and while yeah, i lov tha pussy (hell ye) -tropic thunder ref, for u uncultured swine-

but I want to be comforted, held, cared for. I could barely function when this girl Serenity broke up with me, and now that I've been single for a little bit, I have gotten progressively worse. If anyone at Elgin High is gay and looking for an emo, I could be compatible.
when people see me, they just see my zits and glasses, not anything else and omygod I just realized how whiny I sound.

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on February 24, 2020 - 11:01am

The THRILL KILLAZ might have a radio station.
Listen up motorbabies, the poison is dripping. WKIL 109 is back in the sky, so go on Spotify
our soon to be doctor d is renewade, ya shood chekim out

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I think I'm dumb

on February 24, 2020 - 8:13am

I feel retarded I just noticed the bill & ted references in the rulebook for this site...



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Tuesday February 18, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

Could ya look right out that window, and tell me what ya see
ya might see a couple little kids, and one o them looks like me
see the way their eating candy
the way they laugh and cheer
everybody's happy cause the candyman is here.

Popping pills just like they're candy, given out for free,
the gummies may seem chewy,
there harder than the sone at the center of a cherry
happy halloween
for all the kids in the world
handin out the candy to the little boys and the girls

speakin now of cherries, don't let me get too far
but watch the way the little kids take off all their clothes once they get inside the car.
don't worry, there alone, no adults to be seen
but think for a moment what it was like to be me
losin' my virginity before I was thirteen.

Poppin cherries like we're starving, horny as can be
those girls may look legal, but trust me it's obscene
how can you unsee... please, i'm beggin you to tell me
happy halloween
for all the kids in the world
handin' out the candy to all the little boys and girls.

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Tuesday February 18, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

Spiders and warts
with cancerous genes
the venom, the poison,
the underage machine

caffeine and codeine
quaaludes and old news
leave me here to testify

and i'm in the dark
i'm in the dark
in the dark again

i lost my way
i lost my way
i'm lost and need a friend

Kickstarts and gasoline
with a hint of rawhide leather
quasars and routine
im lighter than a feather

higher than Mount Everest
lower than a trench
when you burn out at 14,
you have a certain stench

i'm blind and i'm deaf
i'm beaten and broken
nothing left of my mind

Beaten down
beaten down
beaten down again

take away
take away
the pain between my ears...
the pain inside my head.

drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

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Tuesday February 18, 2020 
| Posted by: Zurp

Ya can hate me but I thot bob bryar was cool. the blackface max wasn't racist, it was just a black mask. people overreacted cause it was 2007 and peepl r dum. i want bobby to come back. ps, im not black, but don't call me a racist. i live freaking chicago, im bi, and i hate my fascist of a father so much that when he insulted my (black) friend and bassist leonard, i chased my dad out of the house with a machete.

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