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So long and goodnight (slag), forums talk and some Lloyd Dobbler

on March 19, 2016 - 1:04am

I feel like I just have to say SOMETHING. It's been a week since my last post (a new record of consecutive not posting days). It's true that I am dedicating most of my time to the forums, talk and to the end, and even INO sometimes too, but I don't want you guys to think I forget about you. You here mean a lot to me. And especially the "newbies" that helped me when I was having that initial burst of excitement for this band (it's still my favorite band and I still listen mostly to it and/or talk about it, well...every day's died down a little.)

Um, what else can I say?

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forgot something. so, going through...pt3 I guess.

on March 11, 2016 - 11:41pm

I forgot to say this in my newest post!! Well, I DID talk to someone IRL and of course, they didn't remember this event and all this person could tell me was "we all make mistakes when we're young, and you've gotta forgive yourself". Good advice, but I already knew that. I guess I was looking for someone to feel sorry for what I went through thing doesn't even compare to what some folks go through, and I realize I'm being childish. Talking over things has been great, but I don't need to be looking for pity also. I survived! And learned from it! So, I should just be thankful.

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It's a new dawn, it's a new day...and I'm feeelin' good (hehe...finally!)

on March 11, 2016 - 11:22pm

Wow! Are folks coming back here cuz of the upcoming anniversary??? Just curious. It seems a little busy here for a Friday night. (i do see many are getting ready for Spring Break though too).

Anyway, just a little update. Doing better today. Got a dose of reality and I'm just gonna have to let this one go (if you've been following my posts, you'll know what the hell I'm talking about. I don't want to bring it up again cuz I'm just trying to forget.) Uhhhh,

shoot! don't you hate it when you forget what you were going to say???...

hmm, well, thanks Deadboy, for that new video!

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Oh, I guess I need a title....going through...pt2

on March 10, 2016 - 3:51pm

Thanks to those who responded to my last blog. If you haven't read it, you still can. but I wanted to make a new one with some new information...well, I'm kindof winging it as I get my thoughts together here, so bare with me plz.

I have something I want to get off my chest.

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Going through...

on March 10, 2016 - 12:03am

Not sure how to say it...going through something right now. I'm confused, I'm ...well, I'm too worried now to be sad anymore, ah, it's probably me overthinking again...I'm's just been a crazy weird sortof time for awhile, crying for days and then tonight something weird happened. Basically, I mention this person, who's the muse of the tears and whom I haven't talked to in a long while, (to a "stranger", not someone this person could know) and then this person like drops off the face of the earth! All the public accounts suddenly gone!



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Saturday February 27, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Ok, well I know it's been mentioned on here at least once, but you should all go check out I'mNotOkay site. Even if you don't sign up, there are some really cool features like song interpretations, stuff about the band (I always forget or never knew that Ortiz is actually Ray's last name!) um...and well if you do sign up, there are some other fans there to meet as well! It's kindof "dead!" haha over there, but maybe our new generation MCR can liven it up a bit! :)
Anyway, just thought I'd mention it that I'm currently over there if anyone ever wants to chat. I'll leave my name in the comments below...

Oh ok, so thanks to those of you who were online today with me as...well, just thanks! I mean, I guess I could thank others for not coming tho too because I finally got to catch up on some more, of course not all, but some more of your blogs. So, for those of you I commented on, well thanks for piquing my interest. I don't mean others didn't...maybe I just didn't get there yet...or, I'm shy. I'll never be able to know ALL of you, but just know that you're all great and you're bound to have inspired or affected someone.

Ok, I'm really just rambling again so that I could mention that site. haha Oh boy! So, this is why I don't post so often. ;)

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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Tuesday February 23, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Okay, so...

I will be trying not to obsess so much after today, but somehow I stumbled across this new but old MCR interview. (Oh right, I was going to watch that Musicast show again, but I felt like something not this interview was cool!) It's new, because I had never seen it, but old because it's probably one of their first interviews in 2003 (not 2002). Oh man! Gee is such a baby here!!! So cute! Of course they all are! I like how the others talked a little bit more too; not so much Ray, but Mikey and Matt and of course Gee's wingman Frank. It was a really good interview and haha that guy interrupting! Awe! It just goes to show how early and how natural they all were still back then. I would have loved seeing them in those days! (maybe this is why I like Frank so much now. He has returned to this sortof underground setting...of course folks aren't really joining him ONstage...but I guess he sometimes joins them in the crowds! hehe Silly Frankie!)

Speaking of those days, the second video I will share, is of a live performance of "Vampires will never hurt you" also from 2003, but a different show from the last video I posted a few days back, and also a video of good quality! Folks getting onstage with the band and singing with Gerard! Wow! I mean, those were the days! This has to be one of my favorite live performances! Again though, I'm never condoning that the band members should return to their worst of habits. Sober and happy shows are still always more beloved and better!

Um...ok, well then I guess just stay tuned for the videos in the comments section!

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Sunday February 21, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Well, TOMORROW (or in 20 more minutes, wow it's late!) is my 2 month anniversary on this site! I missed my one month. And well, others have been mentioning their anniversaries, so I just thought I'd share this.

Omgsh, it is ALSO on a 22nd! (We've been chatting about March 22, 2013...well, you know) my 3 months will be on that anniversary. Hmm

Well, anyway, what more can I say that's uplifting?...I'm sure there's something. I always have something to say don't I folks? but, for some reason, I'm at a loss of a topic right now...I guess the anniversary is kindof "big news" in an otherwise pretty dull life, not that I'm complaining.

Seriously, I don't know what to write! As soon as I post this though, I bet thoughts will come rushing to mind!

Well, in another 3 months will be my MCR renewal anniversary, my first full year! Funny, that's almost exactly on 22nd as well!!! I can't remember the exact date I first started listening to Bullets on YouTube and Black Parade on cd (I do have my BP receipt though...will have to double check this)...but I had an appointment on the 23rd (the anniversary of MCR's first tour show) and another one earlier that week soo the anniversary is somewhere before all of those. Gah! lol I'll never forget gabbing away about Vampires Will Never Hurt You video with my Mom, who was stuck with me that day. Ohh I just loved Gee's "Frank Sinatra swagger" and Frank's locks and Ray's "no-fro" and Matt was actually there...of course Mikey...haha one of the comments was like "damn Mikey, chill out! Everyone else is all still and you're rockin out like mad!" haha obviously, that was sarcasm, but I loved that I got that!

Oh wow, so I guess this turned into a post about that event and not tomorrow's anniversary. Well, I guess I can say thanks again to my lovely friend Z for introducing me to this site! If it weren't for her insistence and enthusiasm for it, I probably would still be on talk...or alone! or well I guess chatting on gmail.

I'd like to shout out to my friends, Z of course, LisaGW, Tianika11, Mariana, Xia Pinkish Madness, Charbarmanning, Dead on Arrival (DOA, sorry did I get that right?), uh my mini-me G, ;) (Grcemeise), and...well to all the rest of ya whom I've had the pleasure of sharing this site with! It's been really great seeing how much love there really is in this world and how much talent and supportive friendships and i mean, how intelligent folks are!!! I'm really proud of you all...and your strength! I can't say enough, but just know that each of you is special!

I can't think of anything clever with to finish this so I'll just steal Lisa's thing once again and wish you all...



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Friday February 19, 2016 
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I'm not really going to listit all out, but if you haven't listened to Vitamin String Quartet's version of it! I'll list some of my favorites

Venom...listened like 3 times tonight heehee
Hang em...pretty good
I never told you...gotta be one of the best. Chills guys, seriously chilling!!
Ghost..good any way you do it!

too bad Honey didn't come out so good, I mean, it's good, but it's changed a little and doesn't have the same edge
Vampires will Never...oh, amazing! But slowed down for most of it, I think. Someone check this for me.

Early Sunsets...this version is what made me appreciate the original, although, I think I like that better now. This made me cry the first day I heard it.

and well too bad they didn't do Demolition Lovers...I just had to listen to this afterwards. Oh right, and This is the Best Day Ever cuz it's a favorite of mine and I always gotta hear it after ES.

So, fine, I'll justshare what led up to this.

safe and sound by gerard and kyosuke (sp)
Supersrar cover
welcome to the bp famous last words
and...helena and I'm not okay
(Ok, the mcr vids, I just watched, not listened...well, except for FLW)
then, I listened to a live Venom (mtv2bill??)
Then the strings stuff.

okay, hope I didn't bore you too much. I needed to type this up to keep myself busy with something to calm my brewing anxiety. Don't worry, I'll get this thing under control! XD

Ok well this is my last post of the night. Night, uh so long, and goodnight! :P

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Friday February 19, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

My Grandma told me never to say I'm bored...that there's always something you could be doing. And she was right! I could be cooking right now, and that's probably what I'll do just as soon as I finish this. But...I guess I'm just feeling unmotivated??

I wanted to spend the day outside. It was very warm, but the wind is outrageous!! Almost knocked me down! And the leaves were getting blown in my face. Ugh! do not like this. So I had to come back inside. Had my late lunch...I suppose it's time to prepare dinner.

Well, I hope tomorrow is better still...

Have a great weekend everybody!



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Thursday February 18, 2016 
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Yesterday I posted about an old MCR video on here, there first tour show in fact!!

Well, I put the wrong link. While that show was old and good too, the one I am referring to is in the comments here. But, if you want to hear my thoughts and comments, go back to my other post. ok, I give you...