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thanks and feeling better

on September 28, 2016 - 11:56pm

feeling good actually!

shout outs to slalienbassist and cheriselynn for commenting on my last post. thanks. You guys rock! :D

So, a little follow-up

spam filter keeps triggering . post is in the comments.

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we ALL have bad days. hehe

on September 28, 2016 - 3:31pm

I'm feeling very oober frustrated and upset right now! :(
I just want to scream and curse and do all these things that I don't really want to do!

so i won't

but I'm ...and by upset, I kindof mean sad and alone-like...and like everything I touch i break. like I'm helpless and hopeless...


I'm really not this person, so I hate that I'm having such a day! :(

feeling like i keep saying the wrong things to the wrong people ...but I mean, despite not actually coming to the disaster I imagine in my head and panic about,...well, the silence scares me too. gah! I hate silence!!


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tying up things...woah this might be long, hopefully not too long

on September 21, 2016 - 8:57am

Ok well gee! We are getting a lot ofposters lately, that's great! But it means I had better tie this up quicklythen. So, if you read my last post, well I mentioned how upset I was about this friend , or "friend" said something hurtful.

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haha it's me again! 3, 2...

on September 20, 2016 - 10:48am

Just a quick one for now. I just realized that in 3months and 2 days from now (well, give or take a day from months being 30 and 31) well...

IT WILL BE MY ONE YEAR anniversary on this Community! :D

I just love anniversaries and milestones. I DO tend to notice them more often than not, but hey! It's good to sortof be aware of where you've been and to where you've come! It certainly has been a crazy year!...ok, but well, let's not recap yet. I hope to be back Dec. 22 to do this.

Meanwhile...MCRX!!!! Can't wait! :D

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it's 1AM, its 2AM, its 4 in the morneh-hen

on September 20, 2016 - 2:58am

Actually, its closer to 5 now here. Ughhh, what a night!

Well, I will spare the details...and, now of course, I forget what I DID want to say aboutit. Oh! Just to Ibroughtyoumybullets, I guess I sorta feel the same way as you..although replace boyfriend with hubby...and well, I hope it doesn't get to the hubby part...but...but yeah, people are just...well, they are justthe worst sometimes! And the shitty thing is, some are just the absolute best and yet, put the two together and well, the worst people tend to ruin it all! I...idk. who knows, maybe I am the worst!



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Thursday July 21, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Wow! I didn't realize I could come on the Community section until right now. haha

Well, I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is taking this recent news okay. I think it's good that they announced the truth. Should it have been sooner? Probably, but at least they did it. And personally, I thought it was all very exciting, although I knew not to get my hopes high. And, I mean, all the former members are doing their own things right now so...I think they just really still want to be a part of MCR, in spirit...they just can't go back to the tolls that the process to create took on them, and so this was sortof, maybe, a hoorah for them...a "hip hip horray" for them, if you will. ;) (if they were even involved. maybe it was just Warner. but I'm thinking they were involved.)

well, just take care Killjoys! Just remember, we are still the MCRmy..."TO THE END"!!!! XD


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Saturday May 14, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Happy "birthday" to me! Exactly one year ago, I ordered my first MCR tshirt and picked up The Black Parade at my local Walmart (all they had WAS the censored one, which is quite funny when you get to "Blood". :P)

To mark the occasion, today I wore that shirt and played the full BP album, and then I took The Black Parade is Dead to my folks and proceeded to watch this with my Mom. Isn't she sweet? :) Dad even peeked in a little!

I really want some striped sleeves like Gerard wears. HotTopic doesn't seem to carry these, so I will have to look elsewhere.

What else? Oh, well, the rest of this week and next will be various anniversaries for when I bought Danger Days as well as Bullets. I guess I could pop in and say what special thing I did on those days. I have some ideas (23rd is kindof an MCR anniversary even, so I find that so awesome that we share that day-it was their first "on the road" 2003??? Yeah, I will be watching that concert for sure, as well as Vampires May Never Hurt You video and other Bullets things.)

Well, I guess that is enough for now. Hope you all are well!

Oh! But actually, the reason today is so important is because had I not picked up that cd, and then the next, and then the next and proceeded to watch interviews and read testamonies of the fans and to....okay, well, once I started down that path, I soon enough came to know this Rmy. And although I joined talk first, Z...was in fact, one of my first friends here. And then came Lisa and then....well, idk if I should list them all out because I don't want to miss anyone and I don't want newcomers to feel excluded...

Z took me underwing and showed me what this community was all about though. And Lisa...well she might not even see this anyway...well, she and I have talked almost every day since last summer.

I haven't been coming here so much lately, but I am still just as much a supporter as I have always been. You guys are the best and I know you take good care of each other. If you DO want to see more of me, you can sign up for a account, and/or what you SHOULD also do issubmit your MCR stories to and join our forum there! I hope this doesnt get rejected by the spam blocker. I may have to put those in the comments section)

Ok well, i am gonna bid you adieu. So long and goodnight!

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Friday April 08, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

on repeat on

found this beauty

"aweoh you guys are gonna make me blush!" :D (Gee)

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Wednesday April 06, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

I posted something more in the comments to that last post. Just read this, then go there.

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Wednesday April 06, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Eh, hey guys!

I haven't been coming on lately, wasn't even going to post neither (haha either I mean, of course).

I..ok, well I am technically speaking, a grown up, but I still feel young at heart most of the time (which is good. I really believe this! And that thoughtkeeps me young too!) Anyway, I have been doing some growing up...or been forced to grow up some this week. It's painful! I really do feel like a teenager some days! So like I get it!

why do we have to grow up? Well...well, I guess it is to help our next generation. Well, honestly, it's just the way life works, but " we xan live forever if you've got the time". Hehe getting a little off focus here, but well, I missed this kidding around about MCR. It truly is sad how soooo many people don't get MCR!! I mean, my peers! And my elders too. It's...well, isn't there some saying that what we find important that others don't, well when we find those people that do share this with us we become even stronger?

omg! "When im here no longer you can be stronger and if I" (was that right? Oh man! What a lovely song! I just keep loving it more) and I keep loving you all more!!!

Keep running Killjoys! Never let them take (oh I can't even finish this without tearing up :P)

Never let them take the light behind your eyes!

Peace and Love!

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Saturday March 19, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

I feel like I just have to say SOMETHING. It's been a week since my last post (a new record of consecutive not posting days). It's true that I am dedicating most of my time to the forums, talk and to the end, and even INO sometimes too, but I don't want you guys to think I forget about you. You here mean a lot to me. And especially the "newbies" that helped me when I was having that initial burst of excitement for this band (it's still my favorite band and I still listen mostly to it and/or talk about it, well...every day's died down a little.)

Um, what else can I say? Come join the forums guys! Especially the up and coming one To The End. It's sortof the place for us "newbies", for us to reignite the passion that started 15 years ago (with the formation of the band).

I don't know what else to say so maybe I'll end this with some Pencey Prep, mmmm the part in my head has no words. Should I describe what it means to me??? Oh ok, the track changed (yes, still in my head). I can quote this one though...

"why are you so far away. even when you're standing next to me. Your eyes give you away, telling secrets when your mouth don't feel like talkin'"

-ahhh and that last sentence kinda is how I show my enthusiasm for the wordless music. :D

"and I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler with a boombox out in the street. AND I'LL BE THERE IF YOU NEED SOMEONE, EVEN IF HE ISN'T ME"-is this not the sweetest most selfless thing someone could ever say??? Can I just say thanks to my old "Lloyd Dobbler"? Wish you well my old friend! lol You taught me to love mustard! lmao

Good night and good day all!