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on October 29, 2016 - 1:00pm

well, I think Parachutes is what brought me here, I think. I stayed up 'till past midnight to listen. (I still can't believe everything is released digitally and online these days. It's nice though!) Yeah, I listened to it all. I REALLY liked a few songs. I will definitely be listening again.

And, as I have been saying all year, I can't wait to hear Ray's new stuff! Oh! there was a spectacular interview I read the other day. (I just love Ray! Well, I love them all, but let's give Ray some special love righ tnow. ;) )

Um, what else?

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and an edit option!

on October 25, 2016 - 4:13pm

I didn't mean anybody here though! :)

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erase this, pleeeease!

on October 25, 2016 - 4:11pm

I feel like SUCH an idiot re-reading some of the things I've written! And I KNOW I'm an idiot, when people ignore certain things or ...

oh man! why can't we have an erase button in real life?!?? :(

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one more thought

on October 24, 2016 - 11:23am

I stumbled upon Electric Century again last night. I'm really digging this album, and especially after digging up the past and listening to a lot of older stuff. (i feel this album is an '80s throwback, which, if you didn't already know...yeah i kinda lived through that too aha --haha omg Aha!! anyway)

but I've ALSO been listening to Pink Floyd a LOT lately, particularly The Wall, and on YouTube now (because I don't own the EP, although I might have to now) and listening again to "Hail the Saints". Omg! This is brilliant!!! :D
I like it a lot! ;)

so, check it out, if you haven't.

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10 years/kill all your friends hehe/ and even TOP Cancer cover commentary :P

on October 24, 2016 - 10:47am

"it's been 10 bitter years since I've been seeing your face" LITERALLY just played by ! haha
Anyone else think it's eerie that this was re-released for the 10year anniversary. :P

Yea, kindof forgot (to listen) on the actual day, but i'm listening to MCRX right now. ;)

I suppose I should say SOMETHING about the past 10years. Neon Heart ;) reminded me that i DID actually live through this album, but sadly I was too stubborn to get it and listen through it.



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Saturday October 01, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

hey so anybody else hear this?

oh oh! so "not that kindof girl" there is a reference of this in "gun" (Conventional Weapons) yeah, i am listening again now and heard it and looked up the song. :D

"now baby...isn't it crazy" (the latter part being in gun)

*currently listening to living with ghosts* :D

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Wednesday September 28, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

feeling good actually!

shout outs to slalienbassist and cheriselynn for commenting on my last post. thanks. You guys rock! :D

So, a little follow-up

spam filter keeps triggering . post is in the comments.

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Wednesday September 28, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

I'm feeling very oober frustrated and upset right now! :(
I just want to scream and curse and do all these things that I don't really want to do!

so i won't

but I'm ...and by upset, I kindof mean sad and alone-like...and like everything I touch i break. like I'm helpless and hopeless...


I'm really not this person, so I hate that I'm having such a day! :(

feeling like i keep saying the wrong things to the wrong people ...but I mean, despite not actually coming to the disaster I imagine in my head and panic about,...well, the silence scares me too. gah! I hate silence!!

phew! ok, that's out. gonna try to take some deep breaths and just...idk.

I guess it's the gloomy weather. It's like either be sunny, or give us a good storm, not this half-assed rain shower.

(haha the song lyric that just went by was "life's a f*#@er" haha Well, I know this not to be true, but some days it does feel like that. haha p.s. the record i'm listening to was recorded at a live concert of the place I went to see Frank almost 1 year ago :D Not FIATC, but the sound IS very similar!)

where was I? Idk. Just taking some breaths. *inhales deeply

Hope you are all having a super day! Keep running! :D

your friend,

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Wednesday September 21, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Ok well gee! We are getting a lot ofposters lately, that's great! But it means I had better tie this up quicklythen. So, if you read my last post, well I mentioned how upset I was about this friend , or "friend" said something hurtful. Now, I am generally pretty thick skinned and easy going, but this was just surprising from her, a friend...on the other hand, it DID get me to think, to FINALLY reevaluate some things, things that I probably should change, whether or not my friends/"friends" mind these things about me or not, well, I have to consider the impression I am giving to the community of people we belong to. I know I have been annoying to others so..

but anyway, well I got justice in this case. She broke a rule by calling me a name. Ok, now between friends, I could have shaken it off and moved on...which is what I was considerig, and because she felt bad and apologized (as i expected she might), but since she did this in public, that is when it became an issue and thatis when she got the "slap on the wrist" because the higher up DID see it, and did she her express remorse. I really admire this person in charge for handling it so fairly on all accounts.

Thing is, I still need a break. So I am being anti social now indefinitely. I mean,, she publically apologized, but she hasn't really come to me privately yet, and plus, just, all those other people stress me out too! They are good people, just too many rules, too many different rules for differet people who yetwantto try to impose their rules on behalf of other members and it's like, "just speak for yourself and tell me whatYOU want! Wanna chat? Great! Wanna be left alone? Tell me! I can't bloody read minds!" (Oh, hehe my non existent British is showing! Thosewho know me, know I am actually American...but I seem to keep meeting all these lovely Brit folks and I am impressionable ;) )

Haha omg that was long! Did I even say everything?! Oh well, I'll make another if I forgot something, but think I'll go back to being more quiet for a bit now. Anti social means less stories to tell. :P

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Tuesday September 20, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Just a quick one for now. I just realized that in 3months and 2 days from now (well, give or take a day from months being 30 and 31) well...

IT WILL BE MY ONE YEAR anniversary on this Community! :D

I just love anniversaries and milestones. I DO tend to notice them more often than not, but hey! It's good to sortof be aware of where you've been and to where you've come! It certainly has been a crazy year!...ok, but well, let's not recap yet. I hope to be back Dec. 22 to do this.

Meanwhile...MCRX!!!! Can't wait! :D

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Tuesday September 20, 2016 
| Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Actually, its closer to 5 now here. Ughhh, what a night!

Well, I will spare the details...and, now of course, I forget what I DID want to say aboutit. Oh! Just to Ibroughtyoumybullets, I guess I sorta feel the same way as you..although replace boyfriend with hubby...and well, I hope it doesn't get to the hubby part...but...but yeah, people are just...well, they are justthe worst sometimes! And the shitty thing is, some are just the absolute best and yet, put the two together and well, the worst people tend to ruin it all! I...idk. who knows, maybe I am the worst! I have been thinking about that too, but...but,..ah idk. It's 4 almost 5AM and I'd better try to sleep. Just fear I may have to cut some people outta my life, including those good ones, because of those worst ones and it sucks and I'll be a lonely sot (haha no, not a drunkard. What is the word I am looking for?!) Hmm, well I will just be lonely again...except for my tried and true MCR communities's friends. It's been said before, by me and by others, but this place truly is one of a kind and special and good!

peace and love!