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Prison (Part 3)

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Ravan VanSlaughter's picture
on May 24, 2011 - 2:26pm

The two boys walked into the classroom the teacher looked up at the clock and then looked at them and sighed. Five minutes late. “Sorry sir.” Frank said quietly. “I was showing the new kid around.”
“That's okay Frank you and the new kid take a seat.” Mr Butters said. Frank and Ben sat down on the back table with four other guys. “Right class.” Mr Butter's said slamming his hands together and rubbing them. “Today we are doing a practical, so get your stuff on and we will continue with yesterdays project.” Everyone seemed happy with what the project was, Frank introduced me to his friends. “Ben this is Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob. Guys this is my new room mate.” Ben smiled at the guys they smiled back.
“So what exactly are we doing?” Ben asked.
“Not a bloody clue.” Bob said sitting down. The other boys laughed at him.
“Bob hates Chemistry.” Gerard said.
“It's only because he's the only one out of all of us that hasn't got a steady hand.” Ray laughed.
“Oh yeah I remember that.” Mikey laughed too.
“You guys shut up.” Bob said he didn't sound too happy.
“It was our first day and he spilled concentrated sulphuric acid all over the floor. You can still see the stain.” Frank pointed to the floor.
“Your pushing your luck Frankie.” Bob warned him.
“Okay, okay I'm done now.” He laughed moving away. Gerard leaned over to Ben.
“Don't make Bob angry you'll regret it when he gives you 'the look' move away.” He whispered in his right ear. Ben nodded.
“Thanks for the warning.” He whispered back trying to hide his laughter. The ear piercing siren went off.
“LUNCH TIME!” Mikey shouted grabbing his bag. Everyone laughed and ran out of the class room.

Everyone was lined up in the dinner hall it was quiet big. “So how does this work?” Ben asked.
“Well in the morning just before breakfast you can come down and make some sandwiches or you can order what you want for lunch and they will save it for you. And the same goes for dinner.” Frank smiled.
“Hey Frwankie you want some meatloaf?” A tall guy asked. He had short dark brown hair and a smug look on his face.
“Get lost Kirk!” Frank shouted.
“Ooooooooh no need to get defensive.” He said putting his hands up sarcastically. He walked off and sat at a table with the other 'hardy looking' kids.
“Just ignore them Frank. There a bunch of assholes anyway.” Gerard mumbled.
“Well I just wish they would be assholes somewhere else.” Frank snapped.
“What was that all about?” Ben asked confused.
“Frank is the only vegetarian in the whole school. He gets picked on alot because of it.” Ray replied.
“You wanna eat outside?” Mikey asked. Everyone nodded and took they lunches outside. It was so warm everyone else was sat indoors instead of enjoying the glorious heat. When everyone had finished eating they decided to spend the last fifteen minutes in Frank and Ben's room. Ben punched in the numbers on the combination lock and opened it.
“You remembered the code?” Frank asked shocked. Ben nodded.
“HA!” Bob laughed. “It took Frank two and a half months to remember it. His brain is like a sieve it goes in one way and comes out the other.” Frank gently punched him in the shoulder.
“The only reason why I couldn't remember it is because my brain has actually got something in it.” Frank said then he looked at Ben. “No offence.” He said quickly.
“None taken.” Ben said trying to act serious. The boys sat on the floor talking about what they liked doing.
“So Ben you never did say what they got you for.” Frank said. Ben went silent. His smile and straightened out.
“Come on we should get to our next class. Don't want to be late to another lesson do we?” He asked picking his bag up. The others shrugged their shoulders at each other and joined him.