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BmMonster's picture
on November 23, 2010 - 5:34pm

Just a quick post. This is all the stuff I got at the fair behind the House of Blues show last night minus the posters. It was so fun! Haha They should do that for all the small venues. It's a real time killer until the show starts. I'm in the process of uploading an HD video of my night there which includes Frank Iero walking by me and part of Ricky Rebel, AKA Show Pony AKA the guy on roller blades in the NA NA NA video, dancing on stage just before the guys go on. I'll update this post once the video is done processing so check back within the hour to see it! =) And this video doesn't even include the entire set from the guys. I'll upload those a little later tonight when I have time. See you then.

-Atomic Kilo

Here's the video. =) Should take a few minutes to process.