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MCR Does Jimmy Kimmel With A Spiked Pleasure Tool

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BmMonster's picture
on November 19, 2010 - 5:48am

Or at least that's what I hear from recent posts lol I had to tickets reserved for myself and my girlfriend for that show. We ended up getting there about 20 minutes late because of the unavoidable LA traffic. Tried getting in, but the guards didn't let us in even though we had out ticket print outs. Douche bags. lul ok so we dished out PLAN B and went to the Hot Topic where a line was already developing. I didn't have a wristband because I pre-ordered Danger Days and bought the shirt at a Hot Topic near my home a good 50 miles from LA. If I had known the wristbands were only available @ the Hollywood Hot Topic I'd have driven there earlier to get mine.
My gf and I sat on a bench for a while hoping to get in, but a security dude told us we're wasting our time since we didn't have a wrist band. Totally killed my joy lol After a while, the line started moving and the security dudes started announcing that only one piece of merch was to be signed and that pictures were strictly forbidden. That sounds like the crappiest meet and greet ever, but meeting the guys in general would have made up for it.
So, my girlfriend started feeling really under the weather because it was super cold in the mall (it's kind of an open out doors mall) & we decided to leave. Didn't get to see the guys last night, but at least I'll be seeing them at the House of Blues this Monday. Going to be there bright and early as soon as I pick up my copy of DDs. And who knows, maybe I'll get to meet them after the show and take all kinds of epic pics with them. I'm a glass half full kind of guy. =)