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sep 11th

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jaclyn_jaded's picture
on September 13, 2010 - 12:54pm

today was septmeber 11th, and i don't think anyone noticed, i got really upset about it. i was at a baby shower and thinking to myself who plans a baby shower on 9-11? have people forgotten this tragedy? well, i didn't do much at the baby shower because i was pretty depressed, but i did win a game and get an ed hardy mug which is pretty cool. its a good thing Riley can make a mean cup of tea. and after the retarded baby shower back at my moms house i tried concentrating on doing some of my math assignments but there's no desk to do it on in the room i stay in an no interwebs in the licing room to allow me to do my math assignments. so very little work got done. i'll probably do more monday morning.

xoxo jaclyn