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looks like a fun day ahead

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My aunt, who I live with now, is taking us to the mall, and then to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the World Cup game.. I haven't been to the Hot Topic in this mall yet, & I'm sure I'm going to come away with some Black Veil Brides merch. It also will let me decide if this Hot Topic is worth my time, because in my experience, some of them are really awesome, and some of them are full of stupid Justin Bieber & Twilight crap. [No offense to anyone who likes those, I just can't stand either one.] Not so excited about actually going to Buffalo Wild Wings, but they have veggie burgers, so it won't be too bad. Plus, it'll be the first World Cup game I've been able to sit down and watch. [Soccer is the only sport I actually enjoy.] :) SO! I'll leave you now; I have to go get ready. Later peeps.