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cringeytbh's picture
on February 8, 2018 - 2:46pm

so hi idk how to really do this but this band has saved my life before. during the peak of my depression last year when i was hella suicidal and shit, their music was the only thing i felt understood me. i love how versatile their music is, how there's a song for when you're angry, sad, everything. mostly angry and sad, but ya know what i mean. i kinda grew out of them a bit as soon as i started getting better, (still listened to them though) but lately it's been coming back. all of the mental illness shit was never completely under control, but now its almost as bad as it was back when i was literally at rock bottom. ive been self harming more and more, thinking about death and falling to pieces over the tiniest things, and this band is the only thing keeping me stable. so im back into this fandom :) hiii