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fucking insurance/how my day is going

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on February 6, 2018 - 8:57am

hey buds!
we have bad insurance. ive been in intensive out patient (IOP) for like a month or so. im still not at my clinically decided ideal goal weight and i'm still not finishing meals at home or at program
so my insurance decided this would be a great time to suddenly kick me out of IOP.
we're appealing their decision to cut my funding. im also going to get re assessed and tht should get me two more weeks.
it's so crazy to me that they would discharge me. last week i had to supplement 2/3 nights and the other nighjt i needed extra time.
\im going to call insurance today and tell them how i'm still struggling a lot. im not much better than i was a month ago, except that im counting calories less.
so fucking stupid
this morning it took me 45 minuets to get out of bed. i guess i'm depressed... but only a little bit.
i had breakfast. 39 yogurt raisins and water.
i went to class. that was good. in my math class people actually talk to each other. i fell asleep for about 20 mins in class though. that sucked. i helped someone next to me with a math problem. that felt good.
now im home. it snowed today and its also sunny so its very pretty. i started cutting out my sewing pattern. i had a fig bar (like a fig newton but better) for snack. mom is coming home to help me with lunch/make sure i eat. she should be home any moment as its 3 minuets till noon where i am.i'm listening to mischief brew right now and i like them a lot.
just found out my gpa is 3.7 and i'm pretty proud of that.
i have a little math hw to do.
hope you all are ok!! :)