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i fucking hate magazines

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on October 4, 2017 - 11:07am

i was at the store today busying groceries. while I was there I saw a magazine that said "drop 1.5 lbs EVERY DAY. the cooking tweaks and easy food swaps that will turn off hunger, end aches and pains, burn stored fat" on the cover. It made me so frustrated and I don't get mad or anything ever. you know what I lost 1 lb a day and I turned of my hunger and I burned stored fat and you know what happened? I ENDED UP IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL. it's true you can't just develop an eating disorder, there's a lot of things that add to it and the psycho-social model is part of it but these magazines are just a how to guide for an eating disorder. and people LOOK for these not knowing how painful it is to toucher your body like that. getting hunger queues back, gaining that weight back when your doctor says you're under weight, and stopping eating, all not fun and even painful.
then, when when i walked back to my car someone put a paper card add on the window of all the cars in my row. it said "back to school, back to work, back into shape" and was an add for a gym. this culture's OBSESSION with weight loss and "fitness" is unbelievable. no one seems to see that a balanced meal plan and a walk every day is enough for most people (with a few exceptions that a doctor can help you figure out) to stay healthy and at their body's natural healthy weight. so many people cut out carbs and fat but carbs give you energy and short term energy and fat also gives you energy and helps you stay warm.
this just..... I worked so hard to get actually healthy. I have so many friends i've met in treatment who have worked hard to be actually healthy. now that i'm really healthy, i'm a lot happier. I wish people could see that if they put down all the fucking magazines and let their body decide what's healthy for their body, they'd be a lot happier too.
sorry. rant over. please comment with any thoughts. as you can tell i still have more to say about this.