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Birthday review

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on September 15, 2017 - 9:43am

Hey guys!
My 19th bday was ok. Not excellent but ok. It was pretty quiet.
I slept in a little and stuff. I got a package my mom ordered from my favorite etsy shop, themutantcircus, there was a cool skirt I'm wearing now with spikes, neon green lace and a patch and leather on the back. It's hard to explain. But it's cool! There were also some tee shirts and a cool skirt that wasn't a tee shirt. Dad and I went to the garment district (in cambridge) where I picked up some white overall shorts, a skull tee shirt and a BIG sweater. Then we went out for dumplings. Afterwards we walked around Harvard square. We went to the Newbury comics in the garage.

Then I had therapy and nutrition. Oh and I forgot to mention my class from the morning was canceled which is great cause I'm not prepared for my psych quiz.

Then we had dinner and my friend savannah came over. Savannah and I went to the mall. I went to spencers and bought, let's just call it, adult paraphernalia. She bought a poster. We walked around a bunch. I need to find something for dyls bday. I'm only 6 days older than him so our bdays are pretty close.

She went home and watched Howard and Kumar go to white castle. It's funny! It's about these two guys who get really high and crave white castle. So the whole movie is them just driving across new jersey to get to white castle.

Today I have NOTHING going on. Nothing planned. Not having structure is hard. And my only friends who are around now are Olivia and savannah. And they're busy a lot. Katie Chelsea and Ellie are in college and dyl is in Cali but he's back tomorrow.

That was a long blog.
That's all for now.