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What I thought to be an unlikely dream... Was more of a nightmare... And is now just a normal dream

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Charbarmanning's picture
on September 7, 2017 - 4:34pm

Sorry about the weirdly long title. I was planning on writing this earlier on but I ended up going to my friend's house for a bit then when I got home I just didn't have much time. Earlier on the title was just gonna be 'what I thought to be an unlikely dream... Was more of a nightmare' but the situation has kinda funnelled down a bit now so I added the end part.

Right so. If you have read any of my vlogs from like idk 2016 some time, then you'll know that I've have a crush on this guy. If you haven't read any of my vlogs from back then or you've just forgotten, I'll give you a short summary in the situation. (BTW I'm in year 11 (ages 15-16 at school at the moment so when I'm referencing to year groups just remember that). So I've liked this guy since Year 7 although we were never in classes together which I wanted to be back then. I told him I liked him in Year 9. He seemed to take it well at first turning me down politely but then it got awkward. He ended up blocking me on Instagram earlier on this year but then unblocking me so it would just seem like I'd accidentally unfollowed him. I mean when he made a new Facebook account he sent me a friend request. Since he blocked me on Instagram, I've been trying to persuade myself that I don't like him. It was working for a bit. I mean the only reason it was working was because I'd forced myself into situations where I wouldn't see him. I still kinda like like him but I'm not stuck on him or anything. If anyone else came along I'd move across. Oh and there's there's the awkwardness where our siblings are in the same classes together and I thought my brother had a crush on his sister at one point. It's so awkward between us. Sorry I talk on for ages.

So I go to school today knowing that I only have to meet one new teacher because most of my teachers this year I've either had in previous years or teachers that I have already met since Wednesday. Anyway, my timetable had Maths, Biology, English, French and History on for today (by today I mean Thursday even though it's 0:13 am on Friday). Maths was alright. Nice teacher, nice seating plan. Biology again nice teacher, alright seating plan. English the same. French, we have a tiny class. There's 6 of us. One guy, 5 girls. That will be a nice and peaceful lesson for the week. I managed to warn my teacher of his next class because he was teaching my brother's class next XD. Finally, history. A class that I only knew two people who were doing it apart from me and I didn't know the teacher. I was the first person there because I was only upstairs so it didn't take too long to get to the class. Guess who comes and stands next to me. My crush of course. Not too close, like a person's width away. Anyway, I thought he was waiting for another class but we both were just looking straight forward at the wall in front. Not talking, not looking at each other but we could both feel this sense of awkwardness. Some others came for the class but not many. One went to talk to my crush and the others came to talk to me. When the teacher came to get us, me and four people walked into the class. Yeah my crush was one. Yeah there are 5 of us in our history class. The teacher moved two tables together to fit use all onto one big table in the centre of the room. I sit not at the end of the table but one seat down. He sits at the opposite side of the table but on the end seat. The two people talking to me came and sat on my side and the guy talking to my crush went and sat on his side. The teacher went and sat down at the other end of the table. Oh I forgot to mention that I'm the only girl in that class... And that I have history EVERY... SINGLE.., DAY... FOR... THE... REST... OF... THE... YEAR... Okay by the en of the year it may not be as awkward but for the next month or so, it will be AWKWARD! I have not clue if the rest of our class know why we were the only two in the class not to speak to each other and why when the teacher asked if we were all friends we both made a weird meh type of face. I have no idea how to explain that type of facial emotion without using the word meh. I avoided eye contact with him, I avoided looking at him unless the teacher had asked him a question because that would just make the whole situation worse. Let's just hope we never have to sit next to each other...

Now you may be wondering why the title implies that things are kinda alright now... Well someone made a Facebook group chat for the 5 of use and I'm hoping that will kinda make us either hate each other's guts (because D & JB just love to spam history memes) or become closer I mean we have to stand each other for an hour a day (Two hours on Tuesday's) but I'm sure that we'll work something out. I mean we have all already agreed (and by all I mean me, JB and JP, not my crush or D) to sit on the otherside of the table to D just because we all like to pick on him as a joke.

Let's see how this year ends up going!
~ Charbarmanning ~
~ Charlotte, Charlottie, or Char Char Slide ~
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