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Whenever I log into accounts online

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on September 4, 2017 - 8:46am

I like to edit the "about me section" usually a year or so after first creating it. I read that my about me section on here says 'I try to post here daily' or something along the lines of that. Lol no. I've just edited my about me section on too and added in some new bits and edited some out of date bits. It's cringeworthy but funny sometimes but oh well.

I start school again on Wednesday... Yay (sarcasm). Because UK secondary schools end at Year 11 (which is ages 15-16), it's my last year so it will be: Stressful, hard, routine, pressure. GREAT (sarcasm). Then the law says you have to stay in education until you're 18 so I'll probably going to the school's sixth form anyway so I won't fully be leaving my secondary school because it has a sixth form connected to it. At least the first two weeks are usually laid back introduction days. I pretty much know I'll have one friend in each class seen as one of my friends picked one of the same options as me and my other option only my friends have picked it so I'm fine. I don't fully know about my other lessons (I'm worried I'll be split from my friends in PE because it's always really random) but I don't mind though because I actually want to work in Maths, Science and English and not just talk the whole lesson.

Can't really think of much to say on here except who's online these days? I've seen a decline in the amount of posts. I mean it's always been empty since I started when I logged in here for the first time in 2015 (except from the time when a huge burst of people came in January or February 2016 because the news section posted a new post saying the site was fixed again even though it had been fine the whole time I'd been using it. Oh and when the whole MCRX situation when on in July 2016 another burst of fans came on to share their thoughts)

Hope everyone is fine
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