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let's talk about mania

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on May 16, 2017 - 4:32pm

just watched a youtube video about manic episodes and its nothing like mine are. theirs was about being restless and productive. mine's very different from that. I wrote a list of ways to tell that I'm having a manic episode. they usally only last less than a day but i recetly was manic for a week when my meds were off. even if it's not the typical mania/hypo-mania, I still have the diagnosis. It's still valid. this is the video

Hyper activity
Laughing uncontrollably
Moving fast
Unsafe ideas/actions
hand tremor
Extra creative
out of control
Doing lots of things at once
Writing weird stories
Doing things that don't make sense (walking "like a crab")
Talking nonsense ("IM A FISH")
Productivity (sometimes)
INABILITY to calm down
everything is funny
feeling invincible/taking risks
Fast heart
Every idea is a good one
Feeling like exploding
Feeling uncontainable
People look scared
Refusing medication
Not respecting others' boundaries

Yup. Its a fun time until my parents take me to the ER haha. Or sedate me. I guess my mania is more dangerous that what the mania in this video.
anyways just thought id put that list together for myself as well as educate people without much knowledge of bipolar. and maybe one of you might identify with what i mean. if anyone has comments (which i doubt cause no one comes on anymore) PLEASE no comments with suicide/self injury references or talk because thats very triggering for me personally.
thanks for reading!