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Folk Punk

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on April 26, 2017 - 6:51pm

hey everyone who's still online!
I just wanted to share my new favorite music genre - folk punk! it's like acoustic angry punk with harmonics and guitars and stuff. The lyrics are primarily about drug addiction, alcoholism, being homeless, and society. Really about making the best of a bad situation. Drugs are bad, kids. But if you're already into it, might as well sing about it, right?
these are the songs I made in a mix CD for my friend called "this is: Folk punk":

Timeline - Apes of the State
House On Wheels - Ghost Mice
I Listened - Apes of the State
Acid Song - Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains
Hopeful/Scared - She/Her/Hers
Eulogy for and Adolescence Shattered Against Elliot Street Pavement - Ramshackle Glory
Urine Speaks Louder than Words - Wingnut Dishwasher's Union
Spilt Beer - Days N Daze
A Glorious Shipwreck - Pat The Bunny
Hi, Anxiety - Dollar Signs
I Love You - Andrew Jackson Jihad
Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist - Ramshackle Glory

You guys should look up some of those bands on bandcamp as they aren't on youtube, spotify or itunes for the most part. On bandcamp you can download one of their albums for about $5 or free. And since the bands upload it for free themselves, it's entirely legal.
In the partial program at CEDC now. was at residential for five weeks too long. I don't even have an eating disorder any more.
still talk to killjoysneverdie, blood'yrevenge, sidtastic007, occasionally flightrisk. but not as much as I'd like to.
sized up my left ear hole (all my ear holes are different sizes)! Now it's the size 1/2 inch. have a neon yellow sillicon tunnel in.
tomorrow i have program, therapy, and a meeting with my nutritionist.
friday i have program, a party at my boyfriend's friend's house and a sleepover with my boyfriend
and then saturday I get to miss program and go to my last tattoo appt!
sounds like a good weekend to me. and prom is in about three weeks!
only 10:00 but I'm done. going to BED
love you all