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chpeverill-conti's picture
on November 11, 2016 - 7:28am

we're doing a puzzle of 60s rock and it's a really good puzzle 1000 pieces wish me luck!
Also if I'm able to eat 100% today and tomorrow, I get to go on pass tomorrow! that means I go home for about four hours, try a meal, hang out, then come back to program. I'll probably be here until some time next week. I'm supposed to be here for longer but insurance won't cover longer than next week.I love insurance for covering what they do cover but I wish they'd cover my full stay. the plan was for me to be here until I reach a pound over my healthy weight. But now I'll be leaving still a little underweight. Just about 6 pounds under, so not a big deal. But mentally, when I'm still under my healthy weight, I think that I can keep losing so I engage in Behaviors and end up here again. that's what happened that led to this stay. After this I'll either be in Intensive Out Patient (IOP) or the partial hospitalization program. I wish I could just go back to not being in a program. Just be free. But apparently I have to so whatever.
Love you guys. I always think of this community for motivation, This community is my home and than you so much for being there for me.