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In resi... again

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on November 8, 2016 - 12:19pm

Hey guys
I'm at resi. again. third time in resi. But whatever. I knew I'd end up here, I was doing so bad. As of today, I;ve been here for a week.
Applying to art schools now. It's the first thing that's ever gotten me excited for college, the potential of doing art for life. So I'll go with it :)
I can't blog much right now, because the program's desktop computer is broken :( but I can blog from my personal computer during the two hour school block if I finish all my work.
My parents and I have made a deal. If I eat ALL my food for a whole day, I earn prizes. These prizes include:
- getting my guitar at program
- Friends visiting program
- Putting new tunnels in my ear (I'm a size 00)
- Club Penguin Membership (it's about to expire)
- Dying hair
- getting eyeliner
Stuff like that. So far I've earned my guitar and my friend Dylan is visiting tonight. We've been best friends for about 5 or 6 years so we're hoping to get matching tattoos. I'm gonna get a D and he's gonna get a Z and they'll be in the skyrim rune dragon alphabet, Dovahzul. We're thinking inner forearm, collar bone, or somewhere more visible like that. He has some money from working seasonal at Party City but I've been unemployed for a while so I'll need to find a job soon for that.
Been playing a lot of Club Penguin here with another kid here. I fucking live for Club Penguin :P
I'll blog when I can, and I'll read and comment as much as I can!
love you guys, you keep me going