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Sub Complications and Unknown Oddyeseys

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on October 30, 2016 - 2:18pm

Well there's a girl at work that I really like and have a crush on. Her name is Burgundy and she is 19.
But that's the problem, is that too young? I mean she's really nice and we like the same things, but I'm scared to ask her out because of her age.

But then there is another girl named Taylor who is 21 but she's a Single Mom. So I'm not too crazy about that. Also I've been looking on a few sites that I'm on but haven't had much luck.

It seems every time I start to talk to some one they forget about me.


Even my best friend Andrea has forgotten about me. It kinda sucks cuz if you don't count Long Distance relationships I haven't had a Gf since I was 19/20 so about 5 years.

And what's weird is my ex from when I was 18 or whatever started messaging and talking to me again.

She's married and has a kid and is pregnant with her second, and she says she misses me; but I'm like well I miss you too, but you're married and have kids so yeah.....

It seems everyone who likes me is either a single mom or a teenager.