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First Day Of senior year

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on August 29, 2016 - 5:21pm

Today was the fist day of my last year of high school!
I drove into school for the first time on my own which was quite fun. Got there on time. Said hello to my friends and began welcoming new kids. There were pancakes in the commons (what we call the cafeteria/kitchen).
Then we had an all school community meeting. Jon gave a speech about how our school is a community. The principal, David, read a haiku (he always does, every weekly meeting. It's pretty annoying). Then we played an all school game of The West Wind Blows (mind you, we only currently have about 45 students) and then it was off to class.
First class was Algebra II with Paul. There's 14 fucking kids in that class! it's huge! We had to have a milieu councilor sit in because 8 is the max in a class so we need extra staff in the room. Paul is all distracted all the time and talks too much. But he let me lay on the floor and sit on the desk so that was nice :)
Then I had foundations of english 1 with Becca. I like Becca. She had us decorate paper with our name and some characteristics about ourselves. My friend Sierra is in that class so that's nice.
Afterwards was lunch... I wasn't able to eat any lunch so that ended up poorly during program (after school) but I did get a nice nap in during lunch.
Then was foundations of history with Becca. I'm glad Becca is my teacher instead of Leigh. I don't like leigh. We decorated our binders and listened to music.
Next was study. I was SO amped up with energy. David (principal) took me outside to do laps to burn some of it off. That helped a lot.
Then I had music performance with Jon. I usually play bass in that class but this term I'm playing guitar :) Bri and Frannie are in this class with me so that's good.
Afterwards I drove to program. My clinition was worried because I lost 2 pounds. My favorite staff, Avi, isn't working on the days I'm going to program anymore, which is sad. But I have his email so I can send him updates on how I'm doing. I'm gonna be discharged in 3 weeks! isn't that crazy? I started Walden Behavioral Care on April 25th, that's nearly 5 months of being in this program. It's gonna be weird to leave, and I know my eating disorder won't be entirely gone. But I've come a long way and I'm happy with myself for that.
hope you all are well