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all this excitment for nothing!!!!!!

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LisaGW's picture
on July 21, 2016 - 2:16pm

im disappointed..well firstly im sad because there wont be a reunion or tour...but im mostly disappointed....why havent they told us this earlier??? why making such a illusion and let us believe in a possible comeback?!?!?!

im so disappointed by this...that was kinda wrong of them...waiting 24h or so and than telling us its the anniversary can say that this might be my own fault believing to quickly in a reunion or so but this video brought me thinking of this and now i found out that this was not more than just a f***ing celebration of this damn record....i mean why making so much trouble and changing pics and posting video without any damn comment just for a damn anniversary...oh im not only disappointed im really angry becaue i once believed in my life that i might get the chance to see mcr i will never see them live never never never

and im starting to think that reunion will not happen again...never...and that makes me sad because im losing hope....should i lose it??? i mean having still hope is kinda overreacted...there isnt any....making hope is just a feeling to makes me feel better and believe in a chance...idk

well sad, angry and disappointed now