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treatment plan and the used

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on May 12, 2016 - 8:24am

Hey killjoys,
how are you guys! missed you this week, i haven't been online much.
I have 2 passes this week. That means I get to leave the program for a little while. They're on Friday (tomorrow) and Sunday. Then I'm stepping down on Tuesday and starting the partial day program on Wednesday. I'll be at the partial program for longer than I was here (and I will have been here a total of 3 weeks, so at least a 6 weeks, I'd estimate in partial). I'm excited to be home again, and in a bit of a better position.I'm still in recovery and will be for a while but I'm glad I'm getting my eating disorder dealt with before college.
My nutritionist wants me to start eating meat again because my vitamin levels are super low. I made a deal with my parents that if I start eating meat I can get new set of acrylic tips! I'm going to get them with a french manicure, but instead of white it's going to be black and red! I ate half a chicken nugget and chicken broth so my mom said that when I have pass tomorrow I can get them.
Went to see The Used the other night. It was great! very grateful my clinical team said I could go. I hadn't moshed or crowd surfed since I saw Silverstien last year, and I got to crowd surf, be in a circle pit and a wall of death. My crush texted me afterward that I crowd surfed over their head haha!
anyways thats what's up. how are you guys? I love all of you and hope you're doing well <3