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if you get a 100 you get a prize

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on May 24, 2010 - 6:56am

.The computer
[x] I spent hours at a time on the computer.
[x] Without the computer, life would not be the same.
[x] I depend so much on my computer, if it broke down, I would cry.
[x] I have sooooo many pictures, files, games & other things saved on my computer.
[x] When I have homework or other responsibilities, I tend to go on the computer instead.
[x] I have been late to something because I couldn't get off the damn computer.
[x] My parents always say that they're 'going to take away my internet' because they know that would be the ultimate punishment.
Total: 7

Online chat/phone
[x] I have spent more than 6 hours talking on the phone.
[ x] My phone is practically attached to my ear.
[x] I have gone to sleep extremely late because I was up all time talking on the phone.
[x] My cellphone bill is too high.
[x] If my MSN/AIM/Yahoo, etc. won't allow me to sign in, I go crazy.
[x] I have over 200 online buddies.
[x] I met good friends, or even my best friend, online.
[x] I meet people in person that I met on the internet, complete strangers.
[x] I spent more time in chatrooms than I do with my own family/friends.
[x] I rather chat online than by phone, email, or in person.
Total: 17

[x] I am ALWAYS reading something.
[] I have 100 + magazines.
[x] I buy more than 3 magazines every month.
[x] I am subscribed to more than 3 magazines.
[x] I am soon gonna run out of space to put all my magazines!/books!
[x] When my mom threatens that she's gonna throw out my magazines/books, I yell & tell her that I'm keeping them forever!
[x] Reading is way more fun than TV, computer, music, etc.
[x] Books are my life. I even wanna write a book.
[x] I spend more money on books/magazines than I do on clothes every month.
Total: 25

[x] Without music, my life would be miserable.
[x] It seems that I'm always humming or singing something.
[x] I like every type of music.
[] My mp3 player/iPod has over 1000 songs.
[x]Not to mention the huge amount of songs I have on my computer.
[] I have 200+ CD's.
[x] Music cheers me up, makes me happy, relieves my stress.
[x] Whatever mood I'm in, I can always listen to some music.
[x] I am/want to be in a band.
[x] I lost count of how many concerts I've been to.

[ x] I see at least 4 movies in theatres per month.
[x] I have so many DVD's, I don't know where all of them are!
[x] I have a DVD player in my room, that I use often.
[x] I buy every movie that I really like.
[x] I keep all my movie stubs.
[x] I am always quoting things from movies.
[x] I can list 20 of my favourite movies right now.
[ ] I watch the Oscars religiously.
[x] Movies are better than TV shows & music put together.
[x] I have over 5 favorite actors & over 5 favorite actresses.

Make-up, hair & other girly things (and femininity for males)
[x] I straighten my hair daily
[x] I don't remember how my own natural hair colour looks unless I look at old pictures.
[x] I have so much eye liner, I don't even use half of it.
[x] I have more than 5 eyeliners, 5 eyeshadow palets
[] I wear bows, hairbands, ribbons, etc. in my hair.
[x] I get my hair cut more than once every 3 months.
[] I LOVE pink, anything pink is good!
[x] Flowers are awesome, as well as chocolate, jewelry & designer clothes.
[x ] Accessories are actually more important to me than my clothes!
[ ] I have more than 5 purses.
Total: 49

[x] I watch at least 5 shows per day.
[x] I spend more than 5 hours watching TV every day.
[x] I am addicted to some shows.
[x] If I miss an episode of my favourite show, I'll freak out.
[x] I watch TV before I go to sleep.
[x ] My alarm clock is my TV.
[x] I have seen every MTV show at least once.
[x] I have more than 500 channels on my TV.
[x] use picture-in-picture.
[x] During commercials, I flip to other channels to watch something else.

[ x] I watch sports every day.
[x] I have been on a sports team more than 5 times.
[ x] I play sports any chance I get.
[x ] I am very athletic & fit.
[ ] I work out all the time.
[x] I also walk, run, bike, or swim on a regular basic (as a way of exercising).
[x] I have a favourite basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. player as well as favourite teams.
[x] I like to be outside waayy more than staying inside.
[x] I don't mind getting sweaty or breaking a nail.
[] No, I'm not girly.
Total: 67

[x] I am in love with chocolate.
[x] I will eat anything once.
[x] I always eat when I'm bored, stressed, watching TV, etc.
[x] I don't care about my weight, all I wanna do is eat!
[x] I have tried Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, as well as other kind of dishes.
[x] I don't have many foods that I dislike.
[x] I like going to parties or other gatherings for the food!
[x] My friends say I'm a pig when it comes to food.
[x] I cannot go to the mall without eating something at the food court.
[x] Snacking is my favourite pastime.

Going out/friends
[] I go to tons of parties every year.
[x] I have more friends than I can count.
[x] If someone invites me to go somewhere, I don't care what mood I'm in, I'm going!
[x] Movie theatres, amusement parks & malls are among my favourite places.
[x] I hate staying in, I'd rather be out 24/7.
[x] The computer is cool, but partying is so much better!
[x]My friends & I do crazyyy things!
[x] I cannot pay attention in class because I'm always chatting with friends or thinking about what I'm gonna do that night.
[x ] Work? Who has time for a job when you can hang out with your friends instead!
Total: 85

[x] I go shopping at least twice a week .
[x] I don't care how many shoes or accessories I have, I always need more!
[x] There's always more room in my closet for more clothes.
[x] I follow fashion/trends.
[x] I have 10 or more pairs of jeans.
[] I have 30+ shoes.
[x] The mall = best place ever!
[x] I spend money like nothing else.
[x] I can't just 'hang' at the mall, I have to buy something!
[x] I want a job at my favourite store so I can get discounts & go shopping after work!
Total: 94

Bad things
[] I steal/shoplift frequently.
[] I smoke cigarettes every day.
[] I smoke something other than cigarettes regularly.
[x] I have gone to school/work high or drunk.
[x] I get drunk when I'm with friends & then do stupid things.
[x] I have done sexual things under the influence.
[x] I curse ALL the time.
[x] I fight with people constantly.
[x] I have been arrested.
[x] I am banned from 2 or more places.

grand totAL = 101 with out a multiplyer bonus