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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on September 3, 2014 - 7:21am

The picture is old but this is what I looked like March of 2012 I think.

I'm just so lonely, I have no one to call my own.

I mean well yeah my ex wants me back, but she's fucking Psycho Crazy Bitch.

She also only wants to get in my pants and doesn't care anything else about me.

So I'm just sitting here in all Technicalities saying to myself, well she could be your only chance you get, but then again she is an easy girl that sleeps around with everyone.

So I guess I just don't know what to do. I mean I want a GF and to be in a relationship, but I don't want one who only wants me for sex and has been with more than 5 guys.

I mean 5 Guys 14 times total with all of them, that's a little gross, and you probably have STD so no thank you.

So I just sit and think to myself how many of these girls that say they like me and want to date me on these dating sites have already had sex, and how many guys have they had sex with?

Cuz to me it looks like every girl I meet is not a virgin and that they only want to get with me to take my virginity away and then dump me.

I'm not that easy, but I mean do any of you people even read these, notice what the community is saying, or going through?

Fuck man how hard is it for a 20 Something to find another 20 Something that likes the same shit as I do, and is categorized under the same social cliques as I am?

I just don't get it. I've Tried everything Meet Me ( too many spam bots), OkCupid ( not the right type of people), Plenty of Fish ( Plenty of Fakes), Match ( not willing to pay $40 for a One Month Subscription), Zoosk ( Fakes), Tinder ( some what works but haven't gotten any dates), How About We ( NO), Geek 2 Geek ( Haven't really tried that one yet)

I'm just losing hope on ever finding anyone.