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The weather is driving me crazy.

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emogoticgirl's picture
on June 14, 2014 - 7:04am

There's a LOT of sun and the weather is TOO MUCH hot and all is humid so it all sticks to my skin and it is awful and I washed my hair yesterday's night and it's already dirty/as butter (eww).
Please can somebody turn off the sun for a while? Or get me to Norway/Russia/wherever colder? Aggh how am I going to take my exam next day? I can't focus on it and I'm getting nervous and I can't sleep because of it and because of this f*cking weather and it all mix up in my head and... !!!!!! And this makes me feel really irritated and I'm rude even if I don't want to and then I feel ashamed and want to disappear but I can't.... I want to be a mermaid to be always in the water. (Now it's when I start being crazy).

How is summer over there? :)